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Default [AS3] Inventory with individual control on items


I'm trying to make an inventory. My technique is probably not really good, but this is how I'm going (feel free to correct everything). I have an array of objects with some properties (name, price, quantity)

for (i:uint = 0;i <theArray.length; i++){

var itemName:TextField = new TextField();
itemName.y = i*22 + 320;
itemName.x = 85;
itemName.text = theArray[i].itmName;
addChild (itemName);

I do the same for the price and the quantity of the items so it look like an organised table.

now I have a button buy that increase the quantity of the item next to it when you click.

var buyButton:testButton = new testButton();
buyButton.y = i*22 + 320;
buyButton.x = 300;
addChild (buyButton);

buyButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, buyItem);
} So the loop ends here

how can I associate each button to its matching item in the table so it increase the right quantity. The array length is changing through time so I can't have a defined number of buttons and to refer to an instance of it associated with my object is a concept I don't understand well. I guess there is a way to work that through containers, but I feel like I'm missing something. What kind of approach should I take for a problem like that?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Use an associative array to build the list.
This example requires a *MovieClip in the library for the button: class export name "Btn".
* must be MovieClip; Button symbol will not work for this.

This script goes on frame1 of the main timeline.
ActionScript Code:
import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.text.TextField; import flash.events.MouseEvent; // container for the list var list:Sprite = new Sprite(); // list of quantity textfields var quantityArray:Array = new Array(); // list of items: name | price | quantity var itemsArray:Array = [ {name:"item1", price:1.99, quantity:0}, {name:"item2", price:2.99, quantity:0}, {name:"item3", price:3.99, quantity:0}, {name:"item4", price:4.99, quantity:0}, {name:"item5", price:5.99, quantity:0} ]; // build the lost; pass in the number of items buildList(itemsArray.length); function buildList(n:int):void {     var row:Sprite;     var btn:Btn;     var nf:TextField;     var pf:TextField;     var qf:TextField;     var padX:int = 5;     var padY:int = 20;     var rowY:Number = 0;     for (var i:int = 0; i < n; i++)     {         row = new Sprite();         // the button         btn = makeBTN(i);         // name field         nf = makeTF(itemsArray[i].name);         nf.x = btn.width + padX;         nf.y = btn.height/2 - nf.height/2;         // price field         pf = makeTF(itemsArray[i].price);         pf.x = nf.x + nf.width + padX;         pf.y = nf.y;         // quantity field         qf = makeTF(itemsArray[i].quantity);         qf.x = pf.x + pf.width + padX;         qf.y = nf.y;         // array of quantity fields         quantityArray[i] = qf;                 // construct the row, then add the row to the list         row.addChild(btn);         row.addChild(nf);         row.addChild(pf);         row.addChild(qf);         row.y = rowY;         list.addChild(row);         rowY = list.height + padY;     }         list.x = stage.stageWidth/2 - list.width/2;     list.y = stage.stageHeight/2 - list.height/2;     addChild(list); } function updateQuantity(e:MouseEvent):void {     // convert the text to Number, add 1, then assign to textfield as a String     var q:Number = Number(quantityArray[e.currentTarget.id].text);     q++;     quantityArray[e.currentTarget.id].text = q.toString(); } // utility function for making the textfields function makeTF(s:String):TextField {     var padY:int = 5;     var padT:int = 10;     var tf:TextField = new TextField();     tf.text = s.toString();     tf.width = tf.textWidth + padT;     tf.height = tf.textHeight + padY;     return tf; } // utility function for making the buttons function makeBTN(_id:int):Btn {     var b:Btn = new Btn();     b.id = _id;     b.buttonMode = true;     b.mouseChildren = false;     b.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, updateQuantity);     return b; }
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This is some quality answer I got here. Thank you sir and have a great life!
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