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Default [AS3] memory game


Its pretty simple but i cant seem to get it lol all i want to do is basiclly all i want to do is instead of matching two of the same colours i want to match two different colours, IE match red to green.

Since the colours are assinged to numbers, how do i basiclly say:

1=2 then remove cards or

2=1 then remove cards??

Any info would be great

thank you
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if(number1 == number2)
//Code insert here

I hope this is the information you need.

Tip: 1) Post the code you have, not from a tutorial.
2) Read you sentences.
3) Explain what you want, not 1 = 2 then remove cards.

4) Learn some basic AS3('How to write a hello world in as3', 'How to make a pong in as3', etc.).
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throw a trace() in there
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I might make an array of correlations between colours, like say red=1 and green=2, then I'd make:
var matches:Array = [];

then test with 
if (matches[first_tile.col] == second_tile.col) {
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Thank you for your reply.

I can see whre you both are coming from and i will try them now as well.

As for the coding i have, this is it :

well basiclly i this array:

var abbr_array:Array = new Array(1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8);

the numbers represent a colour, IE 1= red and 2 = green.

So instead of the game removing the cards when 1=1, i want it to remove it when 1=2 or when 2=1. The code which removes 1=1 is this:

if (first_tile.col == second_tile.col){

then remove cards


Any more info would be the great.
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