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Default removeChild error 2007

First off I'd like to say I did a search on this and although there are many subjects on the matter, none really apply to mine.

My problem is this: There is an enemy on the stage(enemyTwo) in which I remove if its health meter gets below a certain point. You lower the enemy's health by hitting it with little daggers that you throw.

Everything works fine up to a point, the health bar slowly goes down and the enemy even seems to disappear when the removeChild/enemyTwo = null directives are called, however, there seems to be a small window of time where the daggers will hit an invisible version of the enemy which in turn gives me the "Error #2007: Parameter hitTestObject must be non-null" error which in turn causes other things to go awry or Id just ignore it =).

ActionScript Code:
public function checkCollisionWithEnemies(bullet:MovieClip)         {                         if(enemyTwo != null)             {                 if(enemyTwo.hitTestObject(bullet))                 {                     enemyTwo.subObject.meter.width -= 10;                     removeChild(bullet);                                                             if(enemyTwo.subObject.meter.width < 3)                     {                                                 enemyTwo.stop();                         removeChild(enemyTwo);                         enemyTwo = null;                                             }                 }                                             }          }

ActionScript Code:
private function onEnter(evt:Event):void         {                         y -= 10;             rotation += 20;                         MovieClip(parent).checkCollisionWithEnemies(this);                                 }

Any insight would be appreciated.
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Apparently you can write if statements to check things ... Why don't write one to check if you should remove something?
ActionScript Code:
if(enemyTwo.parent) {     removeChild(enemyTwo); }
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Cloud Strife's Agent
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It figures I would find out the solution to my problem shortly after clicking submit(spent the last two days with this bugging the crap out of me).

Anyway, I put an extra if(enemyTwo != null) in front of a hittest between my player and the enemy, it worked. Flash pointed me to one point in the code so I forgot that I should check all references to each variable, and not work in tunnel vision mode.

TL:DR - For anyone with a similar problem, check all references to the variable in question, not just where the program says the problem is.

P.S. I appreciate the attempt to help in the form of an insult, it really encourages me to be more active in the forums. There is a reason I never ask for help on any forum.
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