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Default Creating a Zoom Box and Scroll Bars

Hi, I am trying to create a project that will display a chart in its entirety but will allow a user to select a portion of the chart with a zoom box to zoom in on that portion of the data. Once the user zooms in on a portion of the graph, however, I would like scroll bars to appear that allow the user to scroll to other portions of the chart.

I have created this chart and zoom box functionality using a tutorial from 'Ninja Captain' called "Flex Chart Zoom Window" that worked excellent.

However I can't figure out how to add the scroll bar features to the chart. The main obstacle I am facing is that to use the zoom box in this form the x-axis minimum and maximum are restricted to the data selected by the user. This was of implementing the zoom box means that I cannot scroll to other areas of the graph because they are no longer included once I am zoomed in.

Can anyone help me figure out what design strategy needs to be employed to get these functionlities working together?

Thank you!
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Default Working on solution

I have figured out a potential solution now but the code is not giving me the output I am expecting. When I draw a zoom window with the mouse the chart zooms in to the appropriate size and I am able to scroll across the data. However, the chart is always aligned such that the left-most data is visible when zooming in, even if I selected to zoom in on data towards the right side of the chart. I believe the problem is the code in my 'endDraw' method but I don't know what's wrong with it.

Here is the code I am currently using:

	import mx.charts.chartClasses.IAxis;
	import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
             	private function categoryLabelFunction(labelValue:Object, previousValue:Object, axis:IAxis):String
	     var index:int = int(labelValue);
	     if(index >= 0 && index < lineWipStats.length)
	          return lineWipStats[index].DaysToOut;
                  return "";
	//Declares the zoom variables
	private var dragStart:Point;
	private var dragEnd:Point;
	private var TL:Point;
	private var BR:Point;
	private var zooming:Boolean = false;
	//Declares the scroll variables
	private var negProp:int;
	//Sets the start point for the zoom window
	private function startDraw(event:MouseEvent):void
	      zooming = true;
	      dragStart = new Point(columns.mouseX, columns.mouseY);
	//Draws the zoom window as the mouse moves
	private function showDraw(event:MouseEvent):void
		 dragEnd = new Point(columns.mouseX, columns.mouseY);
		 //Finds top-left and bottom-right points of the zoom window
		TL = new Point();
		BR = new Point();
		if(dragStart.x < dragEnd.x)
		{	TL.x = dragStart.x;
			BR.x = dragEnd.x;
		{	TL.x = dragEnd.x;
			BR.x = dragStart.x;
		if(dragStart.y < dragEnd.y)
		{	TL.y = dragStart.y;
			BR.y = dragEnd.y;
		{	TL.y = dragEnd.y;
			BR.y = dragStart.y;
		//Keeps the zoom window from going off the canvas
		if(TL.x < 0)
		      TL.x = 0;
		if(BR.x < 0)
		      BR.x = 0;
		if(TL.x > chartCanvas.width - 1)
		      TL.x = chartCanvas.width - 1;
		if(BR.x > chartCanvas.width - 1)
		      BR.x = chartCanvas.width - 1;
		//Draws the zoom window
		chartCanvas.graphics.lineStyle(1, 0x000000, 0.25);
		chartCanvas.graphics.beginFill(0xd4ef0, 0.5);
		chartCanvas.graphics.drawRect(TL.x, TL.y, BR.x-TL.x, BR.y-TL.y);				 
              //Clears the drawing canvas and sets the new coordinates
	private function endDraw(event:MouseEvent):void
	      zooming = false;

                   negProp = TL.x / wipChart.width;
	      wipChart.width = (wipChart.width / (BR.x-TL.x)) * wipChart.width;
	      wipChart.x = -1 * (negProp * wipChart.width);
<s:Scroller id="scroll"
	width="100%" height="100%">

		<!-- Creates the WIP Position Chart -->
		<mx:ColumnChart id="wipChart" 
                                                     width="100%" height="100%"
			<!-- Defines the axes -->
				<!-- This linear axis simulates a category axis to allow zooming -->
				<mx:LinearAxis id="days"
				<mx:LinearAxis id="product" 
				<mx:AxisRenderer verticalAxisAlignment="vertical"
                              	<!-- Defines the chart series -->
			     <!-- Columns = Days from Out -->
			     <mx:ColumnSeries id="columns"
					 displayName="Within 'X' Days from Out"
			<!-- Zoom Window is Drawn Here -->
				<mx:CartesianDataCanvas id="chartCanvas"/>

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