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Default cs5.5 crased and left me with a 1kb corrupted file ???

A Nightmare !!!

Flash cs5.5 just crashed and left me with a 1kb corrupted .fla file.
And there is no RECOVER_file...
But i believe flash creates recovery files all the time and deletes them when flash is quite properly?
But I can't find anything. I also tried remo-disk-recovery, => no luck

Is there anything I can try except restart the whole thing?

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Sadly, if you don't have a recovery file, you're probably out of luck.

In CS5.5 you have the option to save as an uncompressed (.xfl) file, (a .FLA file is basically just a .zip file with all your stuff in it), then you shouldn't lose as much data if it fails.

Additionally, if it is a large project then you should look into version control and storing your project remotely. Have a look into things like SVN or GitHub. Then at the end of the day you just 'commit' your changes and put a little note for what you have done and it's backed up to a remote server. If you lose your work, or change your mind, you can roll-back to a previous version. This is also super for having multiple people working on a project, as you can easily have tools intelligently (mostly) merge code from other people on your team, and if there are conflicts then there are tools for that too.
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iamgotenks is correct. A 1kb file means you're out of luck.

If the corrupted file still had all the data in it, there are ways to perform 'surgery' on the uncompressed contents to restore it to a functional state. But a 1kb file means there's nothing in there to work with. And I'm not aware of Flash saving the data in any location other than RECOVER_
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You probably still have swf

I use decompile to retrieve my fla
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