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Default "gotoAndStop" buttons for doll maker not working

Problem is solved, you may ignore/delete this post.

Um, I figured out why it wasn't working. For some reason the buttons were still considered "Movie Clip", even though I made them as "Button", but in the Library I switched them to Button, and applied the script directly on the buttons, and now it works.


Hello. I am having problems getting the scripts for a dress up game in Flash to work.

Here are some screenshots:

(Nevermind it won't let me)


In the screenshots, I made 2 simple backgrounds for the doll, on a layer called bg.

The instance name I gave to the background's symbol is bg1, which the button's gotoAndStop script should be communicating with.

The buttons are buttons with the gotoAndStop script:
on (release) {
This is the button for the second background:
on (release) {
Inside the background's symbol(instance bg1), there are two frames and layers. The upper layer is the stop(); script, while the two frames on the second layer of the background symbol are the two different backgrounds in movie clip symbols, which I'd like for it to gotoAndStop with.

The first frame's background is instance named bgSolid1, and the second is bgRadial1. Is this a part of the issue? I thought it should not really matter since these are both inside the instance named bg1, which the button script should be dealing with.


I am not a programmer or scripter at all, and can only get by if I follow tutorials.
I cannot really find any tutorials for the specific game I'm trying to make(most use methods that will only work for a different type of doll maker).

I'm wanting to make a doll maker that will eventually have multiple frames on the main layer, to animate the doll's limbs and body parts into different poses or motions(so I have many layers for the joints to move separately).
Therefore, I figured I need to put any frames for the "gotoAndStop" function within the doll parts' movie clip symbol timeline.

So far I have tried following two dollmaker tutorials, and both use the same gotoAndStop method, which won't work for me.

I made just about every part of the doll and clothing parts into its own symbol(movie clip), and some are a movie clip within a movie clip(could this be a problem?).

Every part or "bone" of the doll is a movie clip symbol on its own layer with the "stop();" script, and different clothes drawn on the frames within those movie clips.


I would post my flash file and screenshots, but the forum does not allow me to post anything, so I can only explain with text.


Thank you for your consideration.

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