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Default Please help XML noob

Hi everyone.
I am new to XML so like many here struggeling a bit. I know this must very easy but I cant get it to work, as I dont quite understand the naming conventions of XML yet.

I have this XML file:
	<event id='3' city='Cape Town' shortdate='22/06/2003' longdate='22 June 2003' description='hhh!' location='hhh' path='/flash/events/cpt/20030522/'>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='200361714567thumb_3.jpg' fullfilename='200361714567full_3.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='20036171833thumb_2.jpg' fullfilename='20036171833full_2.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='200361718569thumb_1.jpg' fullfilename='200361718569full_1.jpg'/>
	<event id='9' city='Midrand' shortdate='06/07/2003' longdate='06 July 2003' description='Fish Eagle Experience' location='Expo Centre' path='/flash/events/jhb/20030706/'>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='2003617181153thumb_1.jpg' fullfilename='2003617181153full_1.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='2003617181210thumb_2.jpg' fullfilename='2003617181210full_2.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='2003617181223thumb_3.jpg' fullfilename='2003617181223full_3.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='20036171813333thumb_4.jpg' fullfilename='2003617183333full_4.jpg'/>
	<event id='2' city='Cape Town' shortdate='26/06/2003' longdate='26 June 2003' description='Baxter Ball!' location='Baxter' path='/flash/events/cpt/20030525/'>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='200361718520thumb_3.jpg' fullfilename='200361718520full_3.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='20036171850thumb_2.jpg' fullfilename='20036171850full_2.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='200361718444thumb_1.jpg' fullfilename='200361718444full_1.jpg'/>
	<event id='1' city='Durban' shortdate='25/04/2003' longdate='25 April 2003' description='City Hall goes Green!' location='City Hall' path='/flash/events/kzn/20030525/'>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='2003617181250thumb_1.jpg' fullfilename='2003617181250full_1.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='200361718139thumb_2.jpg' fullfilename='200361718139full_2.jpg'/>
		<eventimage thumbfilename='2003617181324thumb_3.jpg' fullfilename='2003617181324full_3.jpg'/>
From reading through the forums I have gotten it so far to load all the event lines, but I get stuck inside the first eventimageblock of the first event line, because my loop does not work.

My ActionScript:
// create object and prepare for xml load
events_xml = new XML();
events_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
events_xml.onLoad = function(success) {
	if (success) {
	} else {
		trace("error reading xml");

// load in xml file
// convert xml to object
function convertXML() {
	_global.events_array = new Array()
	mainNode = events_xml.firstChild;
	eventNodes = mainNode.childNodes;
	// read through nodes
	for (i=0; i< eventNodes.length; i++) {
		if (eventNodes[i].nodeName == "event") {
			events_array[i] = new Object();
			// extract events IDnumber
			events_array[i].idnumber = eventNodes[i].attributes["id"]
			// extract city
			events_array[i].city = eventNodes[i].attributes["city"]
			// extract shortdate
			events_array[i].date = eventNodes[i].attributes["shortdate"]
			// extract longdate
			events_array[i].longdate = eventNodes[i].attributes["longdate"]
			// extract description
			events_array[i].description = eventNodes[i].attributes["description"]
			// extract location
			events_array[i].location = eventNodes[i].attributes["location"]
			// extract path of images' folder
			events_array[i].path = eventNodes[i].attributes["path"]
			trace (events_array[i].idnumber);
			trace (events_array[i].city);
			trace (events_array[i].date);
			trace (events_array[i].longdate);
			trace (events_array[i].description);
			trace (events_array[i].location);
			trace (events_array[i].path);
			trace ("===images===")
			imageNodes = mainNode.firstChild.childNodes;
			trace (eventNode[2].childNodes[1]);
			for (j=0; j< imageNodes.length; j++){
				if (imageNodes[j].nodeName == "eventimage"){
					trace (imageNodes[j].attributes["thumbfilename"]);
	// reverse order of events array so latest events are first
	// set initial values for main events menu
	submenu_landing_mc.startIndex = 0;
	submenu_landing_mc.totalEvents = events_array.length;
Please, please help, I know for a lot in here this is as easy as it can get..

Thanks for all your time and effort.
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You might want to check this thread???
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Default sorry just cant

get it to work

someone please help, I really, really have to finish this
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