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Default actionscript.org tutorials....

im starting from beginner and hoping to work my way through them...ive read about 4 so far, and the main thing i dont get, is where variables and getproperty's and all that code actually go/are used for?

I got the feeling this is an insanely stupid question, but if theres a nutshell answer or another tutorial i can be directed to...much MUCH appreciated.

and another thing...where the hell is the 'instane name' section in MX???

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Hi René, welcome to AS.org

I don't know of any tut that explains this:
The properties are used for manipulating clips or objects in general. If you want to use script to do that you need access to the parameters, and you do this with setting values to the oject's properties. Let's say you have made a copy of the symbol (=instance) and you have placed it on position 10,10 but want to have it moved to 100,20 when you press a button. You would need access to its properties _x and _y .
There again nearly everything you can program you can do manually by using gotoAndPlay() . Just use tweening in the above sample, and jump to the start of the tween when pressing a button.

If you select an instance you will see in the property inspector a field <instance name> or something similar. That is the field where you name your instance.

have fun,
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see if these help: http://www.absconditus.com/articles/oop1.htm

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