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Nick Toye
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Default Dynamically Loading Thumbs and Full Size

I would like to know the simplest way to dynamically load thumb nails into an instance of an MC.

I have the MC already built, I have multiple versions of the MC on the stage, now if i give them all unique instance names, how can I say dynamically load in thumbnails from a folder that resides with the swf file.

I then want to load in the full size image from the on(release) handle.

There has to be a simple way, by just using a text editor.

Many thanks in advance.

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nu' mal ganz ruhig ...
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as you can't read out a folder with flash only, this will be a problem. on the other hand, i don't understand, why you wanna make multiple instances of one mc with the same name.

A solution could be:

- saving alle thumbnail file names in an xml file, perhaps also
with the full image file name

writing a function, which dynamically creates empty movieClips and loads the thumbnails into it and arranges the thumbnails in the way you want it.

- writing a onRelease function, which perhaps also creates an empty MovieClip for the full image and loads the approprate image into that MC an positions it. I wouldn't load the full image into the same MC like the thumbnail, because that would make a jump back to the thumbnail more difficult.

- assigning this function to the created thumbnail MCs

Otherwise you would have to use server-side scripts, wich read out a folder an give back the file names.

hope, that helps for a start.
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Nick Toye
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Join Date: Jun 2003
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Can you suggest any good tutorials on this matter, XML, function writing and so forth.

I need to learn so that I don't have to keep coming on the forums.

I think this will help me.
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