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Try it...
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I am still having issues with my preloader... I have ne AS2.0 though..

I have a movie clip on frame 1 anmed "site_loader" within that i have a text box named "persent_done". I think i hav all the proper AS but it still will not work.

All my AS is on the actions layer on the main timline, not in any movie clip..


//trace the percentage of the movie that has loaded

if (percent == 0) {
site_loader.percent_done = "";
} else {
site_loader.percent_done = Math.ceil(percent) + "%";
if(percent == 100){
delete this.onEnterFrame;
site_loader.percent_done = "";

Any help..
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Question Load status bar for non flash documents (PPS, PDF, DOC,...)

Hi to all of you, good people!
I was searching the forum for answers, but I didn't find right one. So, please help.

I'm using Flash CS4, actionscript 2.0, converting it to .exe file with Northcode SWF Studio 3.6.

I'm trying to create CD menu which contains few different file formats. I managed to create all of menu items (buttons for .PPS, .DOC, .PDF files) and it runs files perfectly, but when other people tried it I realized that I need to put some limitations (like double click on buttons, because if you double click .PPS button which runs PPS presentation of 18MB size, it will run it twice, and it needs 5-10 sec to run, depending on computer speed).

I made it to wait for few seconds, but if file is loading longer time than I have disabled buttons for, it looks stupid and confusing for people who don't know a lot about computers and don't realize they need to wait some time (and CD is intended for this kind of people .

So, I'm wandering is there any way for flash to wait until external (non flash) file loads and to show loading status bar? http://www.actionscript.org/forums/i...cons/icon5.gif

Thanks for any help!
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Originally Posted by Stroke View Post
An empty first keyframe, never caused any trouble... So why not start on frame 2.
I have never used a preloader before, better yet never made a flash website or anything in flash so im new at this.

Do i put my entire site into a Movie Clip? or do i just start the site at frame 2?
I am still a little confused on how to do this.
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Nice thread, I am pleased to join this forum and can learn a lot here.
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