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Default laod and grow as sub problem

Thought I had worked this all out but another question has popped up.

I am using the following code from Jesse to do a load and grow function for a library of photos. It works fine on the main stage, but I need this to work as a sub-menu. The grow function works as a sub, but the image is not showing up.

ActionScript Code:
// Actions for buttons btn1_btn.onRelease = function() {     loadThenGrow("photos/02_ph_2nudes.jpg"); }; btn2_btn.onRelease = function() {     loadThenGrow("photos/02_COL_edinburgh.jpg"); }; // LoadTheGrow function takes a target image name. // Targets are hard-coded for the moment because I'm lazy function loadThenGrow(img) {     bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc.removeMovieClip();     bg_square_mc._parent.createEmptyMovieClip("holder_mc", 1);     bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc._visible = false;     bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc.onData = function() {         if (this.getBytesLoaded() == this.getBytesTotal()) {             this._visible = false;             // Image fully loaded, grab dimensions and resize             // background clip             w = this._width;             h = this._height;             bg_square_mc.growTo(w+1, h+1, 10, _root.showHolder);         }     };     bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc.loadMovie(img); } function showHolder() {     w = bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc._width;     h = bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc._height;     bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc._x = bg_square_mc._x-w/2;     bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc._y = bg_square_mc._y-h/2;     bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc._visible = true;     bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc._alpha = 50;         trace ("Image resized");         bg_square_mc._parent.holder_mc.fadeTo(5, _root.doneHolder);         } MovieClip.prototype.fadeTo = function(fadeRate, callback) {         if ((fadeRate == undefined) or (fadeRate<=0)) {                 fadeRate = 10;         }         if (!this.fading) {                 this.fading = true;                 this.fadeInterval = setInterval(this, "doFadeTo", 60, fadeRate, callback);         } }; MovieClip.prototype.doFadeTo = function(fadeRate, callback) {         if (this._alpha > 100) {                                 clearInterval(this.fadeInterval);                 this.fading = false;                 if (callback) {                         callback();                 }         } else {                 this._alpha += fadeRate;         } };

This is the grow function:

ActionScript Code:
// MovieClip growTo Proto v1 by Jesse Stratford // [email][email protected][/email] // You may use this script as you wish provded these comments remain // Arguments: //    w - target width //    h - target height //    growRate - higher = slower //    callback -    funtion to call when growing is complete MovieClip.prototype.growTo = function(w, h, growRate, callback) {     // If the grow rate is undefined or invalid, set it     if ((growRate == undefined) or (growRate<=0)) {         growRate = 10;     }     // Only grow if currently not growing     if (!this.growing) {         this.growing = true;         // Call doGrowTo at regular intervals (change the '60' below if you wish)         this.growInterval = setInterval(this, "doGrowTo", 10, w, h, growRate, callback);     } else {         // already growing, don't start again.         // might want to indicate some sort of error here     } }; MovieClip.prototype.doGrowTo = function(w, h, growRate, callback) {     // Get the current width and heigh of the clip     wDiff = w-this._width;     hDiff = h-this._height;     // Inertia resize workaround. If we're within 2 pixels, snap to size.     if (Math.abs(wDiff)<2 && Math.abs(hDiff)<2) {         this._width = w;         this._height = h;         // Stop the grow interval (save CPU)         clearInterval(this.growInterval);         // Reset growing variable         this.growing = false;         // Call function if one was passed         if (callback) {             callback();         }     } else {         // Keep growing if we haven't reached our target size.         this._width += wDiff/growRate;         this._height += hDiff/growRate;     } };

Again everything here works fine on the main stage level (1). But it does not show the photo when used as a sub-menu. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Default also

Thought I should include this. The original script for this by Jesse is located:


It contains a zipped fla to view how it works. Basically I am doing the same thing but as a sub menu with an alpha.

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