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Default textfield password prob?

ok, my textfields are not showing astericks when password is set to true. Just leaving the cursor at the beginning. When I trace the input though, it comes out correct. Could someone test thier textboxes with password = true to compare please?
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Billy T
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works for me...are you creating the textbox via actionscript?

post your code or an fla example...

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well, i'm away from my work for a couple days now, so i can't share a fla with you. But it isn't anything special. I was just "trying" stuff out with the new IDE. I simply put an imput text field on the stage. And i think the code probably went like this....
ActionScript Code:
// name of the text field is testText_txt // name of text field variable is testText_var // name of button is butt_btn this.testText_txt.password = true; this.butt_btn.onRelease = function(){      trace("password "+ testText_var); }
and the trace equals what i put into the text field, sans the astericks....
It's in the first frame of the main timeline, as vanilla as you can get. I just had a thought, I can't check it till I get back, but maybe it is because I didn't include astericks in the list of embedded characters? I don't know, but there is the code.
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why r u using variable name andinstance names??
stick with the instance name
ActionScript Code:
_root.createTextField("testText_txt",1,10,10,300,20) testText_txt.border = 1 testText_txt.type = "input" this.testText_txt.password = true; this.onMouseDown = function(){         trace("password "+ testText_txt.text); }
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