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stewart wright
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right here goes... i have some dragable menue's (like a filing system) and these work fine.i want to put some buttons onto these "files" so they are dragged out and then the user can select from the menu. the problem is that the buttons dont work when i put them onto these menu's.
when i made the menu's i made a movie clip and placed a button inside it (as in one of the tutorials from this site) in order to be able to put action script on my buttons within the menu i have to do it from the symol library of the movie clip.
but they dont work! the cursor changes and everything looks good but it wont jump to different frames! what am i doing wrong!!!
please help
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Try something like:

on (press) { 
tellTarget (_root) { 
gotoAndStop (10); 
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If you're still having problems you can email the file to me @ [email protected] and I will look at it.. I'm having trouble visualizing your movie.
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stewart wright
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cheers strok, i'll give it a try.
and by the way olganunes,i was having enough trouble trying to explain the movie so dont worry about it!!! if i have more problems i'll get in touch and actually show you the movie!!!
thanks again
here go's!!!
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I think I know exactly what you mean. If I'm right, your buttons are working, but,... they're working in their own context. In other words, they're going to the correct frame on their own timeline, and you want them to go to the correct frame on the maintimeline. the easiest way of doing this is:

on (press) {
_root.gotoAndPlay (10);

It works better than the tell target suggestion because it's version 5 and therefore more likely to be compatable with future versions of Flash. Hope you've fixed it by now anyway.
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