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Default Datagrid: Individual Cell Formating

I've been using the DataGrid to emulate a spreadsheet application and since november 2003 I have been hitting a brick wall with the limited formating options offered with the DataGrid component. Cell formating is limited to a Row, Column, Header or entire Grid. How can I format just one Cell.

I asked Macromedia Support and was told that it was in the documentation. I am sensing that this is a standard response when they don't have a clue as I have gone over the documentation many times since Nov and have found nothing. I tried to upload a swf file example to the Macromedia forum and true to form they do not support Swf files to be uploaded to their forum ( I geuss that would be "wishlist.com", right Macromedia?).

So far I have been able to fudge a result by accessing the Textfields used for the DataGrid directly however as soon as the DataGrid is redrawn in anyway any changes made are lost to a Global Formating Function.

//Format selected cells
for(i = this.firstIndex[0]; i < this.secondIndex[0] + 1; i++){
for(j = this.firstIndex[1]; j < this.secondIndex[1] + 1; j++{
//////////Get reference to cell//////////
myCurrentCellRow = "fCell" + i ;
myCurrentListRow = "listRow" + (26 + j);
currentCell = myDataGrid.content_mc[myCurrentListRow];[myCurrentCellRow]; //Access textField directly
//Format text
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