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Hello everybody!

This is my first post here, and will most probably not be the last...

The project I'm currently working on needs to preload several external files. I know how to make a preloader and how to load external files. And what I want to do now is give the user feedback on every single file that loads, in shape of text or a progress bar (haven't been decided yet). But when i test the movie in Flash (5, if it makes a differense) with the show streaming option, I can see the loading process on the main file, but the external one just loads instatly from my HD, which mean I have no idea if the preloader actually works properly or not. I know that I could upload it on the internet and test the loading from there, but I don't want to do that EVERY time I test the movie.
Is it just me doing something wrong or is this a bug/problem in flash? (that it doesn't slow down the loading of external files)

Any kind of help would be very appreciated!
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i've tried doing the same thing a number of times and i'm pretty sure loaded movie gets loaded directly from the harddrive and doesn't show up in the streaming emulation. probably your best bet is test with modular preloaders that you know work independant of the main timeline. you still don't really know what your streaming will "feel" like but at least you know you preloaders work.
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I feels good to know that this wasn't a problem on my computer only or me doing something wrong. But Macromedia really should have made the test streaming function work properly from the beginning, at least thats what I think...
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to confirm: all loading events including XML, loadVariables and loadMOvie are perfromed straight off no matter how you set the debugger to run.. it's a serious flaw in the show streaming option IMHO and I hope they'll fix it in F6

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