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I'm trying to launch an application nested one directory down from the Flash projector. The fscommand code works when the application is in the same directory, but when I move it into the subdirectory - logos - it can't access it anymore.

What am I doing wrong with the path name????

on (release) {
fscommand ("exec", "logos/CA_BLK_S.SEA");

Please help!

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Not sure, but have you tried switching the "/" to a "\"?
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Yes I've tried:

on (release) {
fscommand ("exec", "logos\\CA_BLK_S.SEA");

too. No luck yet.
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one dir down?
well if this is your structure:

root dir
--current dir
----projector file
----SEA file

you'll need you path to be soemthing like:

but if youcan't get that to work look into the output of:

myURL = _url;

this will allow you to build a full path.

Jesse Stratford
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Please don't rely on me reading my PMs either. Email me about important stuff.
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Default Found a work around solution

Thanks for your replies all.

If anyone is interested, here's how it was resolved - plus a little more detail about the issue....

The project was to be delivered on two CD-ROMs - 1 Mac and 1 PC. I was doing most of the coding on the Mac side, and then pulling over to the PC for any changes.

I could not get the Mac version to use fscommand "exec" beyond any application (in this case Self Extracting Archives - SEA) in the root directory. My work around solution was to create aliases in the root directory for all the SEAs in the sub directories (yes, one level down). As this was being delivered and played on a CD-ROM, I was able to make all the aliases in the root directory invisible when I burned the disk. Worked seamlessly and like a charm.

The PC side was able to recognize path names with no problems. They were written in this form:


Thanks again for your help everyone. I'm new around here, but expect to be around quite often.

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