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Has any-one else had problems with inconsistencies between the Netscape & M$-IE flash plugins?

I have made a movie that works perfectly in netscape and works sometimes in IE.. (it involves loading xml data and attaching multipule movieclips) I think it must be something to do with M$ using activeX for their plugin..??

anyone else had problems like this?

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I've never experienced any inconsistencies which didn't come down to my own programming faults, except in the case of fscommands which are an exception rather than a rule. perhaps it's the XML... I dunno, I don't use XML.

Jesse Stratford
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I have found some problems with using Front Page but again it came down to HTML scripting errors on my part...What are you using to upload your movies?
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no uploading necessary I am running my own apache server..

I may have found the problem.
I am running a dual processor machine, which I think may be causing synchronisation problems. To test my theroy I installed vmware and win2000 (using only one of my processors) and it seems to work sweet.

The problem only seems to occur on Internet Explorer, It works on Netscape 4 & 6 and on Linux so I think it's the fault of m$'s activeX plugins.. oh well it's not my code that's the problem.
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Great TS I have a dual server too maybe I should run some test on it. Thanks for the insight.
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