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Roger Chinchill
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Red face Clock in Clock out ASP - MS Access

This is the master plan.

I made a flash that contains a few frames.

Frame 1 has the user login - Requires username password. I have this all set with ASP - MS ACCESS Database.

Once you are validated - you go to the next frame that has 4 buttons and a text field(id) and I guess 2 more text fields that contain date(dt) and time(tm).

You enter a user id into the text field and click a button.

out for lunch(ofl)
in from lunch(ifl)

When you press these buttons all variables are sent.

So the information that will be sent is (in)var - (id)var - (dt)var - (tm)var.

In the database that contains these fields.

userid - date - timeIn - timeOut.

Once you press the send button you get a sending page. There is no problem with that. And finally it says you have been. (clocked in),(clocked out for lunch), (clocked in from lunch) or (clocked out) depending on the button.

I think ASP would be the best for this since this is an Access DB.

For the time variable that needs to be sent. I have a PHP script. What would be the proper translation of this php script to Asp?
PHP Code:
urlencode(date("l F jS, Y"time())); 
This goes out to all people who know anything about this. ASP programmers, people who have heard of ASP and most of all people who KNOW EVERYTHING - Cyanblue - Farafiro - oldewbie - tg - hangalot - Cota and all those who know how to answer every question that all of us here have.

Thanks a lot

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<%=now%> which will write a full timestamp
<%=date%> for the date
u can urldecode it on the flash side if necesary
also add a unique id (autonumber in access i think)in your table(it will make querying it easier when u start pulling reportts and u require joins)
oi poloi
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