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Default Scrollpane component inside a window component


I'm having some troubles getting the scrollpane component to work properly within a window component. Here is how I have set up the swf:

I have made a small movie containing a combobox component and a scrollpane component. The idea is that a change in the combobox loads new thumbnail images in the scrollpane. I created a second movieclip which loads the thumbnail I need - this is contained in the library with the correct linkage id etc so that it can be loaded into the scrollpane.

I have no issues loading the content - it loads into the scrollpane fine, however the scrollbars on the scrollpane do not appear. I checked firstly to ensure that the content was large enough to activate the scrollbars since the scrolling parameters were set to 'auto'. The content was more than large enough to activate this. I then set the vertical/horizontal scroll parameters (think its hScrollPolicy & vScrollPolicy) to 'always on'. This results in an empty scrollbar being placed on the vertical and horizontal axis. When I say empty I mean they do not have arrows on either side and they don't have a dragging bar in the middle - just a graphic where the scrollbars should be.

I then realised that the whole movie I have here (combobox/scrollpane) are already inside a window component. I took the movie out and placed it on the root. The scrollpane worked perfectly.

This makes me think that the window component (which does not have scrollbars of anysort enabled) must be disabling the scrollpane scrollbars through inheritance or something like that. To be honest I'm stuck. I don't want to enable any scrolling on the windows component but I want their contents(the scrollpane) to have scrolling enabled... Any ideas if this is my problem or has anyone come across anything similar?

Thanks for your help - looks as if the scrollpane is a bit of a bother for a few folk.

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having the same problem as we speak, only my combobox is on the root level!
Most likely bad inheritance on MM's part. I've seen a few things like this... gotta find workarounds
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Got it. The scroll bar does not measure text automatically so you have to specify... try
listname.hScollPolicy = "on"
listname.maxHPosition = 500;
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