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Default custom class question

hey there guys .. i have a question i hope is relatively simple that someone can help with.

i have a custom class I am trying to make attach radio buttons and check box dynamically ... what is happening is as soon as i attach my check boxes, those are fine, lets say i attach 5 check boxes, no problem, but if i try to attach 3 radio buttons to go along with my check boxes, it writes the 3 radio buttons, then only attaches 2 check boxes. Hard to explain, but here is my code.

ActionScript Code:
class FormSuper extends MovieClip{         // this function creates our form from the fla     public static function createForm (formSymbol:String, itemName:String, depth:Number, xpos:Number, ypos:Number,                                        checked:Boolean, visibility:Boolean, count:Number, labelArray:Array, groupName:String):FormSuper {         for (var i:String=0; i<=count; i++) {             _root.attachMovie(formSymbol, itemName+i, i);             _root[itemName+i].setSize(200, 20);             _root[itemName+i]._x = xpos;             _root[itemName+i]._y = ypos;             _root[itemName+i].groupName = groupName;         _root[itemName+i]._y = _root[itemName+(i-1)]._y+_root[itemName+(i-1)]._height + 20;             _root[itemName+i].label = labelArray[i];             trace(itemName+i);             //trace (labelArray);         } }

then here is my code in my fla to attach the radio and check boxes, with the text labels.

ActionScript Code:
var checkBoxLabels = new Array ("this is checkbox 1", "this is checkbox2", "this is checkbox3", "this is checkbox4", "this is checkbox5", "this is checkbox6"); var radioLabels = new Array ("this is radio button1", "this is radio button2", "this is radio button3"); var sf2:FormSuper = FormSuper.createForm("CheckBox", "MyCheckBox", 1, 300, 100, true, true, 5, checkBoxLabels); var sf3:FormSuper = FormSuper.createForm("RadioButton", "MyRadioButton", 2, 150, 100, true, true, 2, radioLabels, "RadioGroup1");

Hope someone can help me with this ... thanks
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since this is obviously a mx2004 question, you will likely get more replys in the mx2004 forum.
what the hell was i thinking?
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it's the attachMovie line in the class giving you problems.. Since with each FormSuper you create, you start from 0, therefore attach mc's on levels already taken replacing those mc's (hopefully, that made since). Try replacing your i with _root.getNextHighestDepth(), like:
PHP Code:
_root.attachMovie(formSymbolitemName i_root.getNextHighestDepth()); 
hope that helps..

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Default custom class question

thanks for the tip ... however, i tried that and now it just spits out the very last radio button, which is strange.

when i trace the objects its creating, it is creating them all ... but wiping them out as the new object is being created.


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