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Default loadmovie _root and levels problem

I'm loading an external swf file into a mc placeholder with the following code:


cliptoload.swf has plenty of actionscript in it and often it refers to "_root" which sould be interpreted as cliptoload.swf 's root, not mainfile.swf's root (which would be _level0).
All my actionscript with "_root" (in the loaded clip) is not being interpreted correctly. Am I missing somethig?
I'm on Flash MX (ver 6)...
thanks for any help
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Howdy and Welcome... (as one unfamiliar person says)

So, what's wrong? Movie not loads, as not execute?
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First, you should have double quotes on your swf's name...


Second, no, using loadMovie and loading your movie in a container clip (mc1), references to _root, will not refer to the _root level of the cliptoload.swf, but to the _root level of your main movie.

Either change all your references to _root ( in cliptoload.swf ) to this and/or 1 or more _parent, or load your movie on another level of your main movie - loadMovieNum("cliptoload.swf, 5); - where no script changes would be necessary, references to _root now, and only now, refering to the root level of the loaded movie, as opposed to the root level of your main movie, which would now in fact be _level0.
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Thanks oldnewbie, your answer was clear and very useful.
The reason i'm loading into a container movieclip (mc1) is for masking and overlaying purposes. Loading into a new level will overlay cliptoload.swf on top of my main movieclip which is not what I want.
I guess the best thing to do is to go change all the _root's to relative paths with "_this" and "_parent"...
thank you vey much for the help anyhow!
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Default loadMovie isn't working the way i want it to.

ok....i'm really new at this, but i have been getting the hang of flash. this is my dilemma. i have two swf files now.. a main, and a target. when published, i have moved and resized them to be side by side the way i like. i would like it when i click on a button on the main, the target movie changes to another movie. i know i need to use loadMovie and change the level. i did so in the action of the button on the main. but it loads the new swf inside the main.. not the target. how do i get it to direct it to the target's url? i would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out.
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