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Cool Pc vz Mac

I wan`t to know which one is best for scripting and working with flash or to work with other scripting languages.

I want to invest money in a computer, but i need to which one to choose. I`m usualy work on pc but windows sucks
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PC is great for coding because half the tools you need are PC only. Especially if you need to start installing test servers for local testing.

Mac's are good for Eye candy, not getting virus's, and design layout's.

I prefer PC because of all the tools, and mac's dont supprt 3d programs.
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I use a mac and it works great. What tools aren't available on a Mac Gibberish?

Flash will work the same on either platform. So will dreamweaver if that's what you use to code. PHP runs natively (without an internet connection) you just need to turn it on as Mac's come with a web server built in.

Keep in mind that if you think windows sucks, it may be a good time to get rid of it. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask.
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Default New Mac User

I've been programming on PC's and Solaris boxes for about 6-7 years. It wasn't until recently that I gave the mac a try because of it's new OS and the fact that I needed it for recording music with Pro Tools LE.

I spend all of my time on the mac, and have come to perfer it, especially for programming.

However, I'm still very open to admit I'm a mac newbie and that holds me back from using the computer to it's full potential. But for programming, I wouln't fear a Mac nor a PC nor a Solaris box. It's all relative, just takes time and patience to figure out.
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Red face PC sucks!!!

Sorry for not have answered the post. My pc crashed again (probably virus).

I realy have to start working on Mac, if i can code (actionscript, xml, php) on Mac as easly as i can do on pc, then Mac is definitively the best choice.

Thanks for the help everybody.
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Default macs rule

my dad works for apple so i got a mac for my birthday
at first i was disappointed because everyone else has PCs and i wanted to use game maker
after a while i got really used to my mac and could do anything
at school i use a PC and i'm stuck on some stuff and its always breaking down
we had a pc and after 3 years it just decided to give up
i prefer macs tons to pcs
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The thing is, Macs are very reliable, whereas PCs are not so reliable (i.e. the crashes, viruses, etc.). There's a Mac equivilent for almost everything anymore. And since many of the programs for Macs are made by apple, they all work well together.
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PC + Linux is a winning combanation LOL
cos it can run most development tools that windows can and mac can't, its faster than windows, it crashes less, it has less rate of being infected by viruses, and most of all some of Linux has PHP/MySQL/Apache/some other web server of a kind installed by default!. if your making multiuser applications get linux slackware (that is hard to install but its good to use)
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Gosh... I don't want to see another PC/Mac thread...

The bottom line... YOU are the one who's making your Flash movie, not your computer... So, oil your brain and start flashing rather than debating which one is better or worse... That's my 2 cents...
CyanBlue / Jason Je / Macromedia Certified Flash Developer & Designer

Do NOT PM, Email or Call me... Your question belongs right in this forum...
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don't want to get into that mac/pc flaming debate, but just for information:
the mac is really great for programming especially with it's free bsd underpinnings, you get the regular apache webserver and php preinstalled,
all major webservices like mySql and so on are available as a nice installer package and it just works

also there is a great programme called "bbEdit" for scripting that works neatly with nearly every language and there is even an actionscript syntax coloring plugin for this app!

the only think i ever wanted to try, which is not available for macos is the mm remoting stuff, which is windows/solaris only, but hey, there is amfphp and it's free
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