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Default Disabling Mouse Events for buttons hidden by movieclip

Hi there!

First of all, i'm portuguese, so sorry about my english...

I am having troubles with flash. I've created a movie with several movieclip instances acting as buttons (onPress { doSomething() }).
I have another movieclip, which is draggable (acts like a window).

When i place this movieclip in top of the buttons (so, they are visibly hidden by the draggable movie), they still are clickable.

As you can imagine, i don't want them to be clickable when the window is on top of them.

I could use the .enabled property to set the buttons unclickable, but that would create me two problems:
- everytime i move the window, i have to check which buttons are behind it
- if the window border is in the middle of a button, i would prefer that the button could be still clickable, but only on the visible area

I thought this wasn't possible, but then i saw a website where this feature i'm asking for is working perfectly:


After you enter the Main Window, click on the MENU (top right corner), choose pictures, choose one of them. A window with several pictures will open (i.e. several clickable movie clips). Then choose one picture: a new draggable window will open. Drag the window, so that it hides half of one of the clickable pictures, and as you can see, the picture becomes clickable only on the visible area.

How can this be done?? Any sugestions?

Thanks for your attention,
Joćo S.
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welcome to AS.org

the link seams to by down ??!

place this on the window


so it will capture the click and not what under it

test your self -->http://www.actionscript.org/forums/s...86&postcount=8
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I'm sorry, i've mispelled the URL. It was:


not fRederica. :P

I've tried your suggestion, and creating an onPress handler on the draggable window, and setting useAndCursor=false on it's content (since, i don't want the mouse cursor to change) seems to work!!

So, with was that easy?

Thanks for your help!!!
Joćo S.
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