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Default How to make a button stay down after its clicked

After seeing many sites I wonder how do you make the button stay in the down state or whatever after its clicked. I always do my buttons as MC with some actionscripting behind them but really have no clue about how to go about this. For an example incase anyone doesn't know what I mean :
If you click one of the buttons, you obviously know which button you are on. How would I go about this, thanks!!
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I would just use it as a movie clip and make the downstate a different frame and put an action on it that says when the other frames are clicked to leave the frame where it is down.
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makes sense still havent gotten the hang of AS any examples of this or tutorials you know of ? Its a really nice things to implement, just really confusing for me on how to execute it, thanks.

*EDIT* MODS I didnt mean to post in AS 2.0 didn't realize it, I wanted this for AS1 so can this be moved to Flash MX Actionscript forum ? Thanks.

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dude. the easiest way is to change the type of symbol your button will be treated as. In the frame that you want your button to stay selected, click on the button once, go into the properties panel and change your symbol from button to graphic for that frame only. Make sure that you have set key frames in front and behind the current frame so you don't lose anything attached to the button [like AS]. So, next to that pull down, you can set which frame will show as the graphic - you will select frame 2 for over, frame 3 for down, and frame 4 for hit. You could give your button like 20 frames if you wanted.
Anyway, that is totally quick and easy and nasty.

some sites I have done this on:
http://www.suu.edu/prostu/international.html [the box on the bottom right]

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heya dude, this is something that i code loads of times at work!

the way i do it is to create easch button as a movieClip with one frame (labeled "normal) for your normal state and another (labelled "select" as your hit state)

i then using a nice for loop i assign handlers to all the buttons like so

for (var i:Number = 0; i < NumberOfButtons; i++) {
     // this will assign button release events for all the buttons assuming they are called button1, button2 and so on...
     this["button"+i+"_mc"].onRelease = function() {
         enableAll(); // i will explain this later
         this.gotoAndStop("select"); // this will send the clicked button to its selected state
         .this.enabled = false; // this prevents any rollout
         // put whatever you want the button to do here
you can also assign rollovers and stuff in this loop to, but you don;t need to see that here!!

the enableAll function basicly resets everything, so any button that may have been disabled and sent to the "select" frame will act normally again....i set up the enableAll() function like this....

function enableAll():Void {
     for (var i:Numer = 0; i < NumberOfButtons; i++) {
          this["button"+i+"_mc"].enabled = true;
well this works a treat for me everytime!

good luck with your coding, if you need anymore hints then please ask!

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Thanks guys for replies I appreciate it, im gonna try both examples out and see what happens. I'll let all you know if there is any problems, thanks again!
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