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Old 10-15-2004, 09:39 AM   #21
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lol.. very nice. and definitely easier to understand. more along the lines of what I was trying to do - I just couldn't figure out the "then" part of the "if" statement... I gotta start spending more time in the kicks forum...
By the way, pom, also posted your script on my site. If you want it down, let m know..
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Old 10-15-2004, 10:57 AM   #22
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hi pom NICE work

i was trying somthing similayr but not come sofare like you
BUT :try to go in a fast circle around it and you will see it's laking
that was one of the reason why i give up this thougt

and my hase 1 big advantage (if somebody need it ) you can now how many time you go around the object

PHP Code:
var drag:Number 8;
needle_mc.onEnterFrame = function() {
distX:Number this._x-this._parent._xmouse;
distY:Number this._y-this._parent._ymouse;
radians:Number Math.atan2(distYdistX);
targetRotation = ((radians/Math.PI)*180);
    if (
targetRotation<0) {
Q1 += (targetRotation-QQ1);
QQ1 targetRotation;
    if (
targetRotation>0) {
Q2 += (targetRotation-QQ2);
QQ2 targetRotation;
    if (
Q3-180>targetRotation) {
Q1 += 360;
Q3 targetRotation;
    if (
Q4+180<targetRotation) {
Q2 -= 360;
Q4 targetRotation;
Q5 Q1+Q2;
rotateAmt = (Q5-this._rotation)/drag;
+= (Q5-R)/drag;
this._rotation R;
C._x needle_mc._x;
C._y needle_mc._y;
    for (
Q6=0Q6>RQ6--) {
    for (
Q6=0Q6<RQ6++) {
Q is my favorite in the moment

test your self -->http://www.actionscript.org/forums/s...86&postcount=8
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Old 03-28-2007, 11:40 AM   #23
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Fantastic work!

I've been pulling my hair out for a couple of evenings - started on Pom's method - failed! (boo!) - moved over to Quadrants and Xeef's method - gave up!

Searched actionscript.org - and what do you know! - you've all done the math! and so cleanly.

Excellent job guys, appreciated! All makes sense once you know how!

And all done so long ago...! ha!

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Old 04-19-2007, 01:49 AM   #24
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you guys seem to be on track to what im looking to do

how could I use the code above to ease the rotation to where I can pick a menu item
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Old 05-16-2007, 02:29 PM   #25
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I am trying to do something very similar to that. I want to have two spinning records on two turntables on a website that stop spinning when the user mouses over and holds the mouse down. The vinyl can then be rotated by the user when the mouse is dragged while the button is down.

I am a DJ and graphic designer and want to fit this in to my website redesign.

good work by the way guys, I'm just figuring out this action script stuff and it's kinda mind boggling at first. you guys are brilliant.
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Old 06-13-2007, 11:20 PM   #26
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Hi guys, i need to do the same thing but i can't ! Just like the Suzuki BMX website. i have a MovieClip with Text Buttons on it, the thing is that when i rollover a button the symbol stops rotating, just like the Suzuki website, exactly like that. Can someone show us a code for that ?


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Old 02-13-2008, 10:54 AM   #27
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Default perfect

Nice one POM, I've been trying to work this one out for ages...

This little solution is going in the code library!

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Old 02-14-2008, 06:21 AM   #28
village halfwit
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Not sure how I missed this thread but I did.

I use code like this:

ActionScript Code:
// // Some variables. var flex = .9// How Springy (0 to 1). var drag = .05; // How heavy (0 to 1). var goalRot = 0;// Where the arrow is pointing. var step = 0;   // Used for easing. // // Create an arrow. createEmptyMovieClip("Arrow", 10); with(Arrow){     beginFill(0xFF0000);     lineTo(-5, -10);     lineTo(100, 0);     lineTo(-5, 10);     lineTo(0, 0);     _x = 200;     _y = 200; } // // Adjust arrow every frame. onEnterFrame = function(){     // Angle between arrow and mouse in radians.     goalRot = Math.atan2(_ymouse-Arrow._y, _xmouse-Arrow._x);     // Angle between arrow and mouse in degrees.     goalRot *= (180/Math.PI);     // Difference between where the arrow needs to be and where it currently is.     var d = goalRot-Arrow._rotation;     // Normalize the difference so the arrow rotates the proper direction.     if(d < -180){         d+=360;     }else if(d > 180){         d-=360;     }     // Apply easing to the difference.     step = (step*flex) + (d*drag);     // Move the arrow.     Arrow._rotation += step; } // //

There are no answers, only choices.

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Old 02-15-2008, 07:58 PM   #29
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Originally Posted by pixelwit View Post
Not sure how I missed this thread but I did. I use code like this
Hi pixelwit, I tried your code and it throws no errors but also does not do anything, is there more to it, or maybe I am misunderstanding?

It looks interesting and I wanted to try it
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Old 02-15-2008, 08:10 PM   #30
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var step=0;
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