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er.anyone out there kind enough to help a newbie??

this is my problem i do not know how to make a sub flash movie in a primary flash movie.

i think i m confusing you ugys wif this...
erm..here's an example....


i always wanted to do that!!!! pls help~~~~ it will be very useful to my learning process of flash animation.
if there's any toturial regrading this pls post it to me thanks!!!

i'm usin flash5 btw....

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I think that you just want to use the loadMovieNum command..
like this...
loadMovieNum ("http://www.yourdomain.com/yourmovie.swf", 0);

that is if your just loading a new movie into your existing timeline.

hope that helps
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ya but how to i specify an excat position n size of where the loadmovie willl be??
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Place a blank MC on the stage and load your movie into that. That's the easiets way to position it.



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can you please explain in more step-by-step detail on the process of loading a movie in a mc. I mean, where does one put the movie clip in what frame etc.? Thank you bud for all your time
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U place the mc in the frame where u want it, on the layer where u want it, then u label it and loadMovie the swf into the mc.

If its not correct, u can either manually change the _x and _y of the mc, or if u want to do it dynamically u can set the _x and _y properties of the mc through a piece of code.

for instance :

U have 4 frames, 3 layers, an swf named "blub.swf" in the same folder as your main movie and an mc labeld "container" on the 2nd layer. The 1st (topmost) has your custom cursor and the 3rd has everything u want lower than the loaded swf.

the path to the container clip is _root.container. The following code, placed a frame later than the container mc, would load "blub.swf" into the mc "container" :

loadMovie ("blub.swf","container");
Link ?
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