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Default actionscript fade in/out effect

i just need a simple snippet of code to fade a movie clip and then a snippet to fade it out. i'v searched all over and it doesnt seem to be working. im using MX not 2004.

heres the little code i have, i first set the _alpha to 10, which seems to work and then i wanted to fade it, but it just directly jumps to that alpha.

		function fadeIn(MC){
		with (MC){
		_alpha += _alpha/2;
	loadMovie( somemovie.swf, "mcImage" );
		mcImage._alpha= 10;
hope someone can help
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hi and welcome to As.Org

PHP Code:
checkLoaded(target_mc:MovieClip) {
pctLoaded:Number target_mc.getBytesLoaded()/target_mc.getBytesTotal()*100;
    if (!
isNaN(pctLoaded) && (pctLoaded>0)) {
trace("clearing interval");
myInterval:Number setInterval(checkLoaded100tester_mc);
FadeIn(target_mc) {
trace("movie loaded "+target_mc);
target_mc.onEnterFrame = function() {
        if (
this._alpha<=0) {
trace("fade out finished");
delete this.onEnterFrame;

2 things

1. if you load somthing it's not INSTANTLY there but code execution goes on so if you start load and next line do somthing whit the loaded clip it's not there because the load not finished yet
2. you need to execute the fade over more frames (else way it's not fade just JUMP from one value to the other)

test your self -->http://www.actionscript.org/forums/s...86&postcount=8
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Default hmmmm, doesnt seem to work, heres more details

so i tried that, and i can't seem to get it to fade, heres the rest of the code im trying to use the fade with, its a slideshow of sorts:

//initialize slide show
if( init==null )
	var init = true; //sets the app as initilized
	var num = 0;  //The current image displayed
	var path = 'http://mywebsite/';
	var imageArray = new Array( 
							path + "swf/bgimg/sse.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner1.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner2.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner3.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner5.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner6.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner7.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner8.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner9.jpg",
							path + "swf/bgimg/banner10.jpg"); 

		//Makes the initial call to the RotateImage function

		//creates a listner that calls event on this interval
	setInterval( RotateImage, 10*1000 );

	//Shows the next image in array
function RotateImage()
	if( num >= imageArray.length )
//this is where the movie loaded and i want it to fade in at this point when it is loaded. mcImage is an existing movie clip i have setup under a few layers of other stuff, and i want the movie to stay under there. 
	loadMovie( imageArray[ num ], "mcImage" );

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serach for "fade" in Movieclip section
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