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Default Test-Movie using PHP doesn't work anymore on 10.3 Panther

I have an iBook with Mac OS X Panther (v 10.3.6) with AMP (Apache 2, MySQL 4, PHP 4) setup and working. I have installed Panther recently, and since that I have a problem which I don't know if it is related with Panther or not.

Before I installed Panther, when I had Jaguar, I developed Flash Applications that connected to MySQL through PHP with LoadVars, where PHP would make the bridge giving back XML to Flash.
It worked very well and I could test the swf's from Flash by apple+enter the fla's, the result would come, meaning that Apache would make PHP communicate with MySQL and back through PHP to Flash. I used something like this:
PHP Code:
// The path to the PHP file
php_responder "http://localhost/clients/videodb/site/lib/responder.php";

// Function to send a MySQL query to that PHP file
function mysql2xml (query_str){
navXML = new XML ();
navXML.ignoreWhite true;
nav_sender = new LoadVars ();
nav_sender.query_string query_str;
nav_sender.sendAndLoad (php_respondernavXMLpost);
navXML.onLoad = function (success) {
        if (
success) {
output navXML.firstChild.toString();
        } else {
trace ("No MetaXml!");

// Call the function
mysql2xml ("SELECT * FROM my_table"); 
The problem now is that with this fla when I apple+enter I get an error:
Error opening URL "http://localhost/clients/videodb/site/lib/responder.php"

And this is not because the PHP file is not there, I've tested with other scripts that attempt the same thing and it simply does not work. It works though if I publish the project and view it in a browser or even if I drop the swf in the browser (even if the swf resides out of my htdocs, like on my Desktop).
Also in my Network I have another computer with Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2.6) and it works fine with apple+enter in it.

So my question is: can this have something to do with the new Panther System? Does anyone have a simillar problem?

Already tried:
- "localhost", the network IP of the iBook and ""
- permissions on all files within this project including the directories they are in

Thanks for reading!


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Good question. I use panther as well and always test in browser. I didnt think you could get live data with test movie. My only suggestion if the perms are set up right, is to use the network ip of the machine not the loop. but Id be surprised if it worked.....\

edit: OH WAIT, i think i might know. Flash probably thinks that you are trying to load a file from another domain. Try a relative path to yer PHP instead.
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Default Not solved yet

Hi Andehlu!

Thanks for your reply! Your suggestion to try the network IP (192.168.0.x) doesn't work either. Besides that, the iBook is used for presentations that should run without any network or internet connection.

The permissions are also correct. I even tried it with everything on 777, but no go.

I am also aware of the Cross Domain Policy. The server on the iBook has the CDP file that allows everybody to read everything. Besides that, if you call a PHP script with a relative path, it is read as a text file instead of being executed as a script.

The weird thing is that it all worked fine using 10.2.8 and lower. The only thing we changed is the upgrade to 10.3. The swf's, php's and html's are still the same. The MySQL server is the same, the Apache software and config is the same. The users and groups are the same including the permissions. The only difference is 10.3.

The main reason why I want to execute from within Flash is the Show Variables and Debug function of Flash. I sent MySQL queries directly from Flash via PHP to the MySQL server and get back XML that shapes the Flash site. Everything in the site (even animations, AS snippets, etc) comes from database. You can understand that the good debugging function of Flash is really needed during the development.

My good old G3 beige still runs under 10.2.6 with MySQL and PHP. The sites I made work well on that machine.

I am really running out of ideas... except for reinstalling 10.2.8 and selling the 10.3 box on Ebay.

Thanks again,
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