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Default Injecting data into a loaded flash object

I am remaking a new version of a irc webclient, and I was thinking about putting some of it's tasks to flash due to several advantages. However I got one question:

Would it be possible to "inject" data into a already loaded flash object?

Consider if you will,
On the upper part of the screen I have a list with open queries, when a new query is opened of recieved perl sends a html triggering the frame to reload so the new query will be visible. This mean the entire frame is uploaded every time.

I was planing to doing this frame in flash but I don't want to reload the flash swf every time, I was to send a data "inject" that pushes flash to fetch a .txt/xml/html from the server.

This is the case today:
1. The frames are initiated (the chat client is now fully loaded)
2. A query is recieved, perl pushes a command and the upper frame containing the names is reloaded
3. The new query is now visible

This is how I was curious if it was possible:
1. The frames are initiated
2. The flash in the upper frame fetches the queries on initiation.. (from say.. a txt)
3. A query is recieved, perl pushes a command (js or such) wich triggers the flash file to fetch the names again (from txt)

Meaning I don't want to update the entire flash file everytime (takes to much bandwidth and cpu) but instead just somehow have it reload the namelist. Sure, it would probably be possible have flash fetch a variable from a file every X second to see if there are new queries, but it's not really that could.

From your point of view, could it be done? And if so, how?
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Hi there!

Have you had any succes with this? I need to build a similar thing, but I am not really sure which route would be best to take.

My project has 2 EXE's. The one will be displayed on the tele while the administrator can manipulate things from behind the scenes.

Would really appreciate any help
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