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Default URLEncodedFormat in remoting

Hey all, Happy New Year!

I am returning some stuff from a database to flash via CF remoting. I need to format some of what I am returning with URLEncodedFormat.

I tried this:

<cffunction name="getNews" access="remote" returnType="query">
<cfquery name="news" datasource=#db# username=#us# password=#pw#>
URLEncodedFormat(subject) AS subject,
URLEncodedFormat(content) AS content,
FROM news

But it's a no go. subject / content turn up as undefined.

Is there any other way I could apply the URLEncodedFormat to subject and content and have CF return that back to flash?

The real problem is that its multiple records....so I cant just apply this to one thing as I am returning the whole query.

Any ideas my friends?

Thanks in advance
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Sorry to answer your question with a question, but considering you are using Flash remoting, what is the reason for needing to URL encode the values? URL encode would be used to properly format certain characters when sending back to Flash from a GET/POST......when using Flash remoting, this does not even apply bacause of the binary nature in which the data is transfered.

Just curious.
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the information gets put in the database fine (spanish characters, swedish characters, etc...) but when i pull it from the database with cf and display it in flash, the characters come out as squares.

if i can URLEncodeFormat all that stuff before it comes into flash, then i can display it properly.
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