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Default How do I make a virtual tour video?

I would like to make virtual tour videos. What kind of camera do I need and what kind od software. I just read that it's Quicktime VR.

Any advice is appreciated


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there are ways to *fake* this in flash, such as stitching a long jpg together and having it looped...

but if you are wanting to learn to output a true vr setup to qtvr, you need to have access to an application such as vr worx ( http://www.vrtoolbox.com/vrworx.html ) and real viz sticher ( http://www.realviz.com/products/st/ ) ... i have used both of these and was pleased with the results...

there are two parts to it, you need to be able to *stitch* together an array of images that compose your virtual space, the stitcher application will look for similar, matching pixel areas and blend the pieces together, making a cubical or cylindrical environment, then another application (vr worx) that outputs the actual qtvr file, from which you can add hotspots (links) etc...

as far as the camera setup, you can do cylindrical models (meaning you can pan left and right only) using a basic tripod, but to get 360 of movment (cubical) its a good idea to go with a tripod head similar to this one by kadian ( http://www.kaidan.com ) they are about $200, but allow you to keep consistent angles on all your shots...

check out some of these links for more info:

hope this helps some.
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I made this a few years ago with flash 4: http://www.pigdogtoad.com/bu_virtual...tual_tour.html

I took 16 photos of each section with a digital camera on a tripod and then put them together in photoshop. There was a lot of work getting things lined up, colors corrected, etc. Definately go the automated route if you can!!
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The process to create a stich isn't so difficult. I have published a tutorial on flashkit about this:


Here is a full application that can zoom in, adds links and more:


Tiran Dagan
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