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Default Problems loading PHP file into Flash

I am trying to load a PHP file into Flash using loadVars() and it doesn't work, no matter what I try. I've looked at several examples and followed their steps, but I just can't load the file.

Link to my PHP file: www.kameleoncreative.com/test/newMain.php.

Actionscript code:


main_lv = new LoadVars();
getURL("newMain.php", "_new"); //loading php file into new page for debug only
debug.text = "created loadVars"; //textbox display for debug only
main_lv.onLoad = function(){
		debug.text = "showElementsFunction";
		featurepicture.loadMovie("images/" + main_lv.featurephoto);
		thumb1.loadMovie("images/" + main_lv.subphoto1);
		thumb2.loadMovie("images/" + main_lv.subphoto2);
		thumb3.loadMovie("images/" + main_lv.subphoto3);
		thumb4.loadMovie("images/" + main_lv.subphoto4);
		featuretitle.text = main_lv.featuretitle;
		featurebody.text = main_lv.featuretext;
		subtexttitle1.text = main_lv.subtitle1;
		subtextbody1.text = main_lv.subtext1;
		subtexttitle2.text = main_lv.subtitle2;
		subtextbody2.text = main_lv.subtext2;
		subtexttitle3.text = main_lv.subtitle3;
		subtextbody3.text = main_lv.subtext3;
		subtexttitle4.text = main_lv.subtitle4;
		subtextbody4.text = main_lv.subtext4;
	} else{
		debug.text = "php not loaded"; //textbox display for debug only
		trace("PHP not loaded");
I have saved my .swf file and .php file in the same directory. I am testing via my hosting environment because I don't have php installed on my development computer. The php page loads fine in a new window, outputting the string of variables the way I want, but I always get the "else" condition of my onLoad function - "php not loaded".

What have I done wrong? What can I try to do differently? (I have tried both relative and absolute pathing for loading the php file - and neither work). Please help, I only have a few days to get this figured out.

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Howdy and Welcome...

You get the else block executed because if condition is never met...
You said... if (success), right??? You did not define where that 'success' is...
You will need to define it here...
ActionScript Code:
main_lv.onLoad = function([b]success[/b]){
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