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Question Storing dynamic number of variables

Hope this is the right forum to submit to. Sorry if this might seem trivial but its driving me crazy. I need to download a number of strings from a database to my flash movie through php. Php is doing a 'Select * from TableName' query and the resulting strings are returned to the flash movie inside different variables. I am using the LoadVars class to access these variables. Yet the number of results from the query can change. How can I store the results in my flash movie? Is there a way how to place the results in some dynamic structure for example arrays. Hope someone can help. Thanks
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just do something like this:


then in your AS you can loop through 10 times knowing the names of the variables and get their values that way you noob. jk.
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What If I do not know the maximum number. There might be a hundred or a thousand being passed back, I cannot write code for each and every variables no?
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You do know the number. If you're doing a mysql query, you can do something like:

PHP Code:
$result mysql_query($query);
$rows mysql_num_rows($result);
which will echo the number of rows returned, and then as you iterate through the rows you use the iteration number along with the column name thing... for example:

PHP Code:
$query "SELECT * FROM myTable";
$result mysql_query($query);
$rows mysql_num_rows($result);
$i 0;
while (
$row mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){

Then in flash you know how many rows there are, numResults, and you cycle through from 0 to numResults-1, where each result is stored in columnamenumber, so if you want the 5th "name" result, it would be name4. Hope that makes sense.
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You could just return your data in a delimited table format, and then parsing it will automatically take care of it.

For instance:

if your data looked like this...


Then you could use AS like this...
ActionScript Code:
var lv = new LoadVars(); lv.onData=function(dat){ var temp = dat.split("\\n"); for(var i in temp){ temp[i] = temp[i].split("|"); scope[temp[0]] = temp[1]; } } lv.load("scriptURL.php");
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one word... XML !
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Originally Posted by oledirty
one word... XML !
Fine for small amounts of data, when you get into the hundreds of nodes with childNodes, xml will choke.
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