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Default datagrid component does not show data


i'm trying to use the datagrid component (flashmx2004 pro).

i store all the data in an array, then, when done, i go to the frame where the datagrid is sitting.

problem is: the datagrid doesn't show the data! it populates the rows, (i can click on them and they highlight, but doesn't show their content !

any idea what's wrong ?

if you want the code:

the array:
ActionScript Code:
_root.myDP= Array( {metacompetence:"Zorgdragende vaardigheden", value1:"6751.25", value2:"6867.6666666667"},{metacompetence:"Voedingscomponenten en andere stoffen", value1:"6234.3333333333", value2:"6793.5"},{metacompetence:"Verpakking- en logistieke technieken", value1:"6447.8333333333", value2:"7082"},{metacompetence:"Verantwoordelijkheidszin", value1:"6126.875", value2:"7234.25"},{metacompetence:"Technologisch inzicht in productieproces", value1:"1539.3125", value2:"1241.5625"},{metacompetence:"Talenkennis en rekenkunde", value1:"6685.75", value2:"6224.25"},{metacompetence:"Samenwerkingsbereidheid", value1:"5437.5", value2:"3694.5"},{metacompetence:"Probleemoplossende en regelende vaardigheden", value1:"5851.875", value2:"3902.25"},{metacompetence:"Planning en organiserende vaardigheden", value1:"5427", value2:"2979.6666666667"},{metacompetence:"Operationele en uitvoerende vaardigheden", value1:"5281.5", value2:"3020"},{metacompetence:"Omschakelingsvermogen", value1:"5142.125", value2:"2077"},{metacompetence:"Kwaliteit-, hygiŽne-, veiligheid-  en milieuzorg", value1:"1583.1", value2:"876.4"},{metacompetence:"Fysieke en mentale vaardigheden", value1:"4301.8333333333", value2:"2944"},{metacompetence:"Controlerende en bewakende vaardigheden", value1:"4601.3333333333", value2:"2979.6666666667"},{metacompetence:"Communicatieve vaardigheden", value1:"3740.3333333333", value2:"3051.3333333333"},{metacompetence:"Bewerkingstechnieken", value1:"4245.6666666667", value2:"2863.3333333333"});

the datagrid population:
ActionScript Code:
_root.myDataGrid.dataProvider = _root.myDP;
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ActionScript Code:
myDP=new Array({name:"sachin",post:"Vprogrammer"},{name:"neeta",post:"designer"},{name:"rakhee",post:"supervisor"}); myDataGrid.dataProvider=myDP;
Inform me if it doesnt work


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i have copy/paste your code and it's working !!!

test your self -->http://www.actionscript.org/forums/s...86&postcount=8
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