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Default scrollbar of scrollpane on left side

Hi -

I would like to put the scrollbar on the left side of the textarea of the scrollpane component. I've been searching and reading about how to do accomplish this, but cannot find a single thread on any forum relating to this for MX Professional 2004. There's this thread which ended up in 'most useful threads' sticky:


but this is for MX and lower, and that code doesn't seem to exist in the class file (ScrollPane.as) for the scrollpane in MX Pro 2004. There is this code:
ActionScript Code:
function setVPosition(position:Number)     {         if (position <= vScroller.maxPos && position >= vScroller.minPos)         {             super.setVPosition(position);             spContentHolder._y = -position; // - bounds.yMin;         }     }
which I'm not very adept with as code to play around with to get my positioning. I am aware that this would change the scroll bar alignment on every instance of the component in my movie, which is fine, it's only used once.

many thanks for any help

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Has there been a solution for this allready?
i'm looking for the same thing here...

I do still use the regular flash mx, but I wouldn't have a clue where to paste this code...

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Default found MX 2004 solution to scrollPane on left side

After studying the ScrollPane class and its related sub-classes, I fished around and found that you can directly refer to the scrollbar movie clips. I dont think this is documented but it works.

_root.scrollPane1.vScroller._x = 0;

you might also want to offset the content so you dont cover up anything inside the scrollPane


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Hi truthtob...

I can't get it to work...
I've tried changing instance names and all, but it won't show different of what it was...
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