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Can you tell me how to properly burn a projector file to disc and have it automatically run when the disk is inserted into the drive? I have a disk that does this and there is a config file in the root that I have adjusted to read like this:


Is the underscore a problem?

I have burner to ISO9660 and Joliet without success.

Also, How can I place a Flash 5.0 Player in the cd to make sure that the viewer is running the right player. My promo_movie.exe finishes and takes you to my web site (on disc)which has flash 5.0 stuff in it.

My live web site has a detector and a redirect, but the disc user won't be able to re-direct if they are offline. I want this thing to fly without any internet connection.

Thank you in advance
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I think the problem might be the fact that you have a path in your OPEN line. See every example I've seen around (including that in the first tutorial I saw on this issue http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Pr...44/index.shtml ) just links to an executable in the CD Root so there is no extended path...
If you made it:

(and moved your exe to the root)
You'll prolly find it works fine.

As for determining the versin of the Flash player the user has... tatke a look at this tutorial which uses the substring method...



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Talking Exe works but need to place flash PLAYER in cd

Thanks for the help Jesse,

I'm not sure yet what was the solution, I'm looking into it, but my .exe file works after either burning it Joliet format of inserting a FS execute command in my first frame. The sub path to the file works fine and the sample I had was a sub file as well.

I have seen the Flash detector and used it on my live web site but now the site is being burned to CD for offline use. I need to place a flash 5.0+ PLAYER on the cd to make sure the viewer can play properly without logging on to download. How can I get a PLAYER and place it on the cd?
I don't mind if they have to install the player, I just don't want anyone to go online to download. Locally only.

Thanks in advance
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