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Default scrapbook and typewriter effect problems

OK, im a novice, so dont laugh at this: http://www.woohoo.org/carterolive.html

ive got two questions i hope someone can answer.

1. if you go to the scrapbook link, move around the photos, then go to a different link, those photos are still there, and in the way. how do i make the photos disappear when a new link is clicked on?

2. if you click on "Who is Carter" and the "Who is Olive?", you'll see a typewriter effect. But if you click on them again, the text starts turning into undecipherable gobbledygook. the text is being loaded from a .txt file. what's going on with this?

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1. i am assuming that the photos are actually movieclips at which case u can have them watch a variable of sorts and them tell them to goto invisible, set alpha properties, reset thier original x and y locations pretty much whatever u like. the easiest way to control a movielcip for me is the use of variables and havehe movieclips respond to them vars.

2. would have to see the code... i did notcie when i clicked on carter over and over again it worked fine. it wasent till i clicked on olive that it went to crap. like i said would have to see the code...

good luck
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thanks for the reply.

ive got the scripts in three frames, plus a text file.

frame 1:
ActionScript Code:
frame 2:
ActionScript Code:
if (loaded != "yes") { gotoAndPlay(96); }
frame 3:
ActionScript Code:
stop(); var i = 0; cartertext = ""; cartertext2 = ""; var my_array = txt.split(""); function textwritter() { cartertext2 = cartertext; cartertext = my_array[i]; cartertext = cartertext2+cartertext; if (i+1<my_array.length) { i++; } else { clearInterval(intervalID); } } var intervalID = setInterval(textwritter, speed);
And then in my text file (cartertext.txt), it says:
//Please do not edit this line.
//The variable “speed” is actually the interval time in ms.
//Therefore the greater “speed” is, the slower the typing speed will be.
&txt=Born:  September 4, 2001
Occupation:  Pre-schooler
Hobbies:  Biking, Playdough, Reading,
watering flowers in the garden
Fave Foods:  Mushroom rice, ice
cream, skittles, dim sum
Dislikes:  Eating Chinese hair
Help! Thanks.

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