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Default Apache/SWF Crazy problems

I have an SWF with flv video that loads through an external loader swf. the SWF's keep hanging part way through loading. Same problem regardless of using the direct SWF or the loader SWF, the loader hangs at xx percent while the direct SWF is just blank white. The file hangs and often locks up the browser (mozilla & IE), I have to close all instances to regain browser function. Same problem from different computer. Sometimes mozilla would hang and not freeze but when I would refresh it would act like the swf didnt exist. Once I cleared the cache it would load half way and hang again.

It all works fine on an IIS server, but not on the Linux one. mime.types right? Well the swf type is in by default, I added video/x-flv. I also did AddType application/x-shockwave-flash swf from the httpd.conf file, this made things worse actually. Seems like after I did that I couldnt view any SWF's on the server. I sent a message to the hosting company, but I know they're just going to try and make this out as a flash problem not server... Oh, and yes I'm uploading in binary on FTP.

AHH! Any ideas?
P.S. I can't give a link to the problem.. sorry.
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http://www.actionscript.org/forums/s...d.php3?t=72795 i've got similar problem. on iis worx fine, on my localhost do nothing but this, but on different remote server with apache installed it's ok, so i guess it's sth about settings or apache version.
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Well, some of the things I tried that didnt end up working:
Make sure you upload it in Binary mode
Make sure your server has the flash mime type
Make sure its not specific to one browser or computer

Hopefully someone else knows more !
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Default Solved.

Here's a strange one for ya, problem was related to my firewall (Linksys) My secondary test computer was behind this same firewall. If I plug in direct to the internet connection, all works fine....

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