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Unhappy Playing Sequential Movie Files: Over my head

Alright, before I post this I wanted to make a disclaimer. I've learned a valuable lesson from working on this site. Don't over promise, I starting working on a site, and didnt realize it was over my head. Now, I am way past my deadline and at an Actionscripting road block.

Please help, If I'm not clear ask me questions... here it goes...

I have the site up at www.sammyrosen.com/helpme.

The structure is as follows.
The site is movie based...
There are three movieclip num layers...
1. The Background from original swf
2. The Movie Clip (10)
3. The text (20)

The main SWF that has the layout of the page and the buttons. It is divided into a seperate scene for each part of the site.

On the release of a button I want layer 10 to play two sequential clips, and then go to a new scene where the actions of the buttons are different.

The problem is that the order of the sequence depends on the button you click, and where you are in the site.

ex. From "Press" to "Events"
I need to play two movie files in layer 10
1. Press to empty table
2. Empty table to Events

but i can't just load a action at the end of the loaded .swf because another time in the site i need to go from press to menu, which loads

1. Press to empty table
2. Empty table to Menu

I think that I can solve this problem using a global variable that does a couple things.

1. On click of button go to movie1.swf), and the button also puts the file name of the second movie into memory. Also goes to the appropriate scene the original swf (with correct actions for the buttons)
2. At the end of the loaded video clip, have it call whatever is in the global variable add .swf (or not) and play it.

Problem is, I don't know how to do this and after buying to huge books on Flash, and scouring the web for months I dont know if I will be able to have it working in time.

I think this is an easy thing to figure out if you know what you are doing.

The site is for a sushi restaurant and if you like sushi this is some of the best in chicago. I would be happy to barter your services in sushi.

Please Help, let me know if I should do anything to make this clearer... Need the fla, let me know!

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please someone help at least point me in the right direction.

what scripting would i use to put at the end of a swf to load the global variable?

i'd be eternally gratefull
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