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Default Nonsense Pop Up Error??

I am to debug a Flash application. The application works as follows:

- There are 10 sections for usrs to click

- each section is a seperate SWF file and contains a huge FLV files (5 to 10 MB)

- Too keep it simple (since there are many objects to synchronize witht he timeline other than the FLV), I did not implement progressive download

- I use the same pre-loader script (which uses MovieClipLoader) to load the whole FLV

All of the pre-loaders load perfectly fine except the one that loads the largest FLV. For some reason, an error message keeps poping up (http://www.macromedia.com/support/fl...cript_loop.htm).

- the error message only pops up when loading this section for the first time

- after the first time to load this section (that is, the swf is already stored in the cache), the load works completely fine

- the error will pop if I clean up the cache

- the error message is described in Macromedia's tech notes at:

- the worst issue is that I am not able to re-create this error on any computer that I have access to. Yet my client can re-create this error on IE or FireFox every single time he cleans up the cache. I have no idea how this can occur. My client's computer is quite "up to date:" P4 2.2G, 1G memory, Windows XP SP2 and has also installed the newest official Flash Player WIN 7,0,19,0.

- I have no idea how this error can occur since I am using the same script that uses MovieClipLoader to load all 10 sections. I also define onLoadProgress in order to display the load progress.

- According to the tech notes, this error occurs only when you run into a long loop for 15 secs or longer. Ok, it makes sense. The only problem is that I am not using any loop at all. Not even frame loop or setInterval.

Anyone has any idea that can help me??

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