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Default url management

i'm wanting to do a photo gallery website, but would like to do it with flash.

ie, have a bar of thumbnails, user selects one, and it loads into the screen.

However, my concern comes to url's. it would be nice for people to be able to bookmark certain images.

For instance, on my current site, I have domain.com/33/ and that will bring up a picture out of my database with an id of 33.

I'd like to be able to keep a similar kind of functionality. Ie, url's map to certain images. However, my concern is that Flash can't do that (i think). So i thought I'd come and ask to make sure that this is the case, or if i am wrong.

I know how i can do this with server programming, but my concern comes with once the user is on my page and chooses a new image. Is the only way to reload the entire page (and all the thumbnails)? Or is there a way to change the URL, and main image, but leave the menu/thumbnails untouched?

thanks in advance!
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you could try this as a lead

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thanks for the response. that is an interesting technique.

i was hoping to avoid frames though, as this prevents the url from ever changing. and last i knew, frames caused troubles with google, screen readers...etc. which, since this is a photo based site, i probably don't need to worry about, but it's been engrained in me to avoid those things.

just curious, how is the response when a browser cache's the site? i'm figureing with 50-100 thumbnails, i shouldn't reload the page each time...

so i'm guessing my options are to either go html or a one page flash movie that loads them in?
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