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Default Array: how do I sort multidimensional numeric array in MX?

I need some help on how to sort an array with nested arrays of matched numbers: one nested array holds x-coordinates and the other nested array holds y-coordinates. The position of each x,y pair is matched, so if I use a typical numerical sorting function, I succeed only in sorting one array or the other, and I undo the relationship.

I describe my arrays below with example x,y coords, and although I may be heading in the wrong direction, I included the function that I know works to sort either one or the other array:

mySort = function(a,b) {
return a-b;
var x= new Array(12,21,-13,48,33);
var y= new Array(6, -99, 7, -2, -2);
var xy = new Array(x,y)
//output: -13,12,21,33,48,6,-99,7,-2,-2;
//(only first nested array of xy sorts, so nested arrays lose their relationship)
I need to output: -13,12,21,33,48,7,6,-99,-2,-2

The arrays don't have to be nested. I would be happy to be able to sort the x array and have the y array be sorted by the x array.

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hi and welcome to As.Org

ActionScript Code:
XY = [{x:12, y:6}, {x:21, y:-99}, {x:-13, y:7}, {x:48, y:-2}, {x:33, y:-2}]; for (a=0; a<XY.length; a++) {     trace(XY[a].x+"  "+XY[a].y); } XY.sortOn("x"); trace("---After Sort---"); x=[] y=[] for (a=0; a<XY.length; a++) {     trace(XY[a].x+"  "+XY[a].y);     x.push(XY[a].x)     y.push(XY[a].y)     } xy=[x,y] trace(xy)

test your self -->http://www.actionscript.org/forums/s...86&postcount=8
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Default Arrays to nested arrays problem

Thanks, Xeef

I appreciate your help - having the nested array in that style did the trick!

Now I'm flummoxed as to how to convert my two simple arrays into the nested style that your solution starts with: XY = [{x:12, y:6}, etc.]

I tried several ways to construct the nested array style you used, and I feel I am close with the following, but no cigar:

ActionScript Code:
v = (12,21,-13,48,33); w = (6,-99,7,-2,-2); VW = [{}]; for (a=0; a<v.length; a++) {     VW[a].v.push(v[a]);     VW[a].w.push(w[a]); } for (a=0; a<VW.length; a++) {     trace(VW[a].v+"  "+VW[a].w); } //no output //I need the output: VW = [{v:12, w:6}, {v:21, w:-99}, {v:-13, w:7}, {v:48, w:-2}, {v:33, w:-2}];
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