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Default pictures blur when I add more than one frame

When I import a graphic into flash 5 (whether it stays as the graphic or I convert it to a movie clip) the image blurs when I extend it on the time line.

So say I have a movie clip (that has a picture in it) that is only in frame 1 of layer one. The movie clip (picture) looks fine when I test the movie. However when I extend the movie clip to frame 10 and then select test movie, the picture is not clear. The words in the picture look squiggly.

If anyone knows how to correct this problem please respond. It will be greatly appreciated!

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I'm not sure if you have listed all of the factors contributing to this problem or not, but here are some possibilities:

1) You have onion skin turned on. This is probably not the answer, because you would know it if you turned onion skin on.

2) Does the image look fine in your timeline and then blur when you test? If so, either you are seeing the JPEG compression, your movie is SCALED, thus squashing /stretching/ blurring your image or you need more beta kerotine in your diet. ANSWER: change decrease the amount of JPEG compression in you Publish Settings or preview your movie in the Flash player at 100% scaling.

A good thing to do is to create a control environment in which to test problems like this. Create a blank Flash document and place your image in the timeline. Extend the duration to 10 frames or whatever and see if the problem occurs. If it doesn't, then there is something else going on in your movie that is causing the problem.
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