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Default displaying results from an Access DB in Flash


I wondered if someone here could help me with a problem that i'm having trouble with.

I have a access database, and an asp script that produces the results from a query as variables that I pass into Flash to display. It took some time to suss out and all appears to work fine.

One of the columns is a list of filenames, a thumbnail image. What I need is to display the image thumbnail as opposed to the filename.

below is the code.

the first is the list2.asp

IMSrc = "dib/gen_dib_data/images/"
THSrc = "dib/gen_dib_data/thumbs/"
IDI = "GE"
%> <%
Dim RecordView, Rst1, output1, collect1, SQL

Set RecordView = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

SQL="SELECT DISTINCT Photo.PDesc, Photographer.Fullname AS Expr1, Photo.PhotoID, Photo.[Date], Photo.[Size], Photo.Filename, Photographer.photogID, Photographer.GalleryLink FROM Photographer AS Photographer_1, (tCat INNER JOIN tSCat ON tCat.CatID = tSCat.CatID) INNER JOIN ((Photo INNER JOIN Photographer ON Photo.PhotogID = Photographer.photogID) INNER JOIN (tSSCat INNER JOIN SSC2Photo ON tSSCat.SSCatID = SSC2Photo.SSCatID) ON Photo.PhotoID = SSC2Photo.PhotoID) ON tSCat.SCatID = tSSCat.SCatID WHERE (((tCat.CatID)=37));"
   Recordview.open SQL, "DSN=gen_dib_data"

Do While Not RecordView.EOF

   collect1 =collect1 & IDI&"-" & Rst1&","
   collect2 =collect2 & Rst2&","
   collect3 =collect3 & Rst3&","
   collect4 =collect4 & THSrc & Rst4&","


   output1="&output1="& collect1 & "<br>"
   Response.Write output1
   Response.Write "&"
   output2="output2="& collect2 & "<br>"
   Response.Write output2
   Response.Write "&"
   output3="output3="& collect3 & "<br>"
   Response.Write output3
   Response.Write "&"
   output4="output4="& collect4 & "<br>"
   Response.Write output4
   Response.Write "&"

   Counter = 1
   Response.Write "Counter=" & Counter 
   Response.Write "&"

Set RecordView = Nothing

These are the results I get ready for flash to read in:

&output2=Castle,Hadrians Wall,Large House,
&output3=Stuart Thomas,Stuart Thomas,Stuart Thomas,
The following code is the actionscript that I use to display the results:

ActionScript Code:
// depth depth = -1; // hide the origional clips Rst1._visible = 0; Rst2._visible = 0; Rst3._visible = 0; Rst4._visible = 0; // split up the array by looking for the commas Rst1_array = output1.split(","); Rst2_array = output2.split(","); Rst3_array = output3.split(","); Rst4_array = output4.split(","); // get the length of the array Rst1_length = Rst1_array.length; Rst2_length = Rst2_array.length; Rst3_length = Rst3_array.length; Rst4_length = Rst4_array.length; // set the start y position (x position depends on where you put it on the screen) yposition = 38; // looping everything for (i=0; i<Rst1_length; i++) {     // Rst1     duplicateMovieClip(Rst1, "Rst1" add i, depth);     setProperty("Rst1" add i, _y, yposition);     Rst1.Rst1 = Rst1_array[1];     set("Rst1" add i add ".info", Rst1_array[i]);     depth--;         // Rst2     duplicateMovieClip(Rst2, "Rst2" add i, depth);     setProperty("Rst2" add i, _y, yposition);     Rst2.Rst2 = Rst2_array[1];     set("Rst2" add i add ".info", Rst2_array[i]);     depth--;         // Rst3     duplicateMovieClip(Rst3, "Rst3" add i, depth);     setProperty("Rst3" add i, _y, yposition);     Rst3.Rst3 = Rst3_array[1];     set("Rst3" add i add ".info", Rst3_array[i]);     depth--;             // Rst4     duplicateMovieClip(Rst4, "Rst4" add i, depth);     setProperty("Rst4" add i, _y, yposition);     Rst4.Rst4 = Rst4_array[1];     set("Rst4" add i add ".info", Rst4_array[i]);     depth--;         // Set the y position plus 30     yposition = yposition+10; }

Rst4 is the column that displays the filenames and as previously mentioned I need this to be a 50px x 50px thumbnail instead.

many thanks in advance for any help or guidance.

Cheers Rob.
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I am building a flash version of my current asp/html site http://www.imagerealm.co.uk/search_gen.asp

so the previous message is to try and display the thumbnails like the link shown.

any ideas?

Cheers Rob.
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