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Default POST vars not sending from within a frameset


Im trying to send POST variables to a _blank window and the code below works perfectly, except for when the flash file resides within a frameset. All of a sudden no variables are sent. If I load the actual html document containing the flash, everything is fine. When I load the frameset that has the flash document as one of two frames, no variables are sent. The window opens fine, but with no variables stored in the new window. This is so far only experienced on PC with Internet Explorer. Now guess which platform and browser the client uses? Typical.

Does anyone know of a trick that could make this work here as well?

ActionScript Code:
function sendData() {     myTest = new LoadVars();     myTest.v1 = "Greetings";     myTest.v2 = "Professor Falken";     myTest.movHeight = 240;     myTest.send("script.php", "_blank", "POST"); }

Thanks a whole bunch beforehand for any tip or trick, or solution for that matter ;-)
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Roger Ramjet
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Been having the same problem myself - with every browser not just IE.

You are one ahead of me though cos I did not realise it was the frameset that was the problem. It only happens the first time a user submits the form after logging in, after that there is no problem. What I can't understand is why just the first time?

That was what I was Googling about when I found your post. Lets hope we get an answer cos it's making me look bad.
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Yeah, so far I have been unable to find a solution. Instead, in my frameset issue, I've simply done a workaround, by making an IF statement checking so if I the user is on PC with MSIE, I break out of the frameset. I hate doing workarounds. But until somebody can shed some light into this issue, this is what I'm left having to do.

So I hope, just like you, that we'll get an answer from somebody slightly more clever than ourselves ;-).
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