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Angry variables sent via getURL() / LoadVars.send() to ASP file, fine in Mozilla not in IE

Please note that this issue and the related file and environment have been checked and re-checked and checked again for all the basic errors. While I am far from perfect, I do NOT believe the issue detailed below to be within the code itself or the development environment. Therefore, I have simplified the code being used and it should serve a theoretical purpose for this issue and is not intended to be taken literally.

I am using external XML files as the source for displaying content with text fields inside of an application developed with Flash MX 2004 Professional. I have a button set to create a printer-friendly page by passing the appropriate data to an ASP page. I have used both LoadVars() and getURL() and found that everything is as expected in Mozilla while IE encounters strange anamolies.


ActionScript Code:
sendPrinter = new LoadVars() sendPrinter.Header = variableH //HTML encoded data from XML file sendPrinter.PrintPage = variableP //HTML encoded data from XML file sendPrinter.send("http://domain/printFile.asp", "_blank", "POST")

variableH is a properly formatted and terminated HTML encoded string pulled from the XML file and used for the page heading (usually no more than a few words) and varies depending upon the content on-screen at the time
variableP is a properly formatted and terminated HTML encoded string pulled from the XML file and used for the page content (can be several paragraphs) and varies depending upon the content on-screen at the time
printFile.asp is a properly formatted and functional ASP file that inserts the strings passed from variableH and variableV into a pre-formatted HTML structure for printing.

what happens:
when i first did it, the asp file opens in a new window but no data was passed. strange. after much checking and head scratching, i modified the URL by appending
ActionScript Code:
. Of course this renders the use of LoadVars irrelevant but when viewed in Mozilla, the desired result is acheived. A new browser window is opened with the anticipated data in the anticipated format. No problems. No errors. No worries. However, when viewed in IE 6, a new browser window does NOT open. No data is displayed. Panic and chaos abound.

what i tried:
i switched from LoadVars to getURL and found no difference.
i hard coded the values for varibleH and variableP instead of grabbing them from the XML file--still no change.
i eliminated variableP (the larger and longer of the two) and found success with both browsers
i used a smaller string (hard coded) for variableP (about 2 paragraphs) and found success with both browsers
i reverted to the non-hard coded variableH and found success with both browsers
i reverted to the non-hard coded variableP and found myself right back where i started -- Mozilla, yes. IE, no.
i reverted to LoadVars (without the extended URL) and found success when testing movie from flash, yet no success when run in either browser(ASP file opens but variables are not passed)
i started a new file simplified to test everything i just listed above and encountered the same results.

what i assume:
there is some Flash-IE issue that nullifies the opening of a new window if there is too much data attempting to be sent.

what i cant figure out:
why is the LoadVars() command NOT passing the variables to the ASP file as expected?
why is there an issue with passing data & variables from flash to ASP via flash when the EXACT same method is successfully used in a JSP-based application I developed previously (with several times more data being transferred)?
why are the variables passed when using LoadVars() and testing in flash, yet NOT passed when viewing the same file in a browser?

any ideas, suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks much.
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