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Default creating a flash website...need some help

I've just gotten into using flash, i've gone thru a book and know the basics...i don't know any actionscripting yet though. I wanna create my website using flash to make it animated and interactive. I really have no clue where to start though. Are there any tutorials that take you thru making a flash site or are there books that cover creating a website in flash! i've got all these ideas that i wanna put to use, but i have no clue how to get started! any help would be greatly appreciated
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Billy T
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you dont have to know actionscripting to make a webpage...

sites can look great with very basic scripting as long as the design is nice...
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do you know of any books or tutorials to sort of push me in the right direction I know flash and have a decent handle on using dreamweaver, i just don't know how to go about animating it and making it look cool. I need a book or something!!
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Start with the first three or four beginner tutorials here. There's also a beginner's section at www.flashkit.com from memory. Good luck.

Jesse Stratford
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Billy T's right that you don't need to use lots of fancy scripting to make a great flash movie.

HTML sites all have the same concept: I'm at a page, now I'm moving to another page. This can be a disjointed experience and flash gives you the oppotunity to avoid this. You can do almost anything you can think of. Imagine, an experience you enjoyed and then write down the fundamentals of what happened. (Did you move, did time elapse etc.etc.) When you know what you want (No one can tell you how to have an idea) then start worrying about whether you need actionscript or not.

I like learning from books. So I'd recommend anything published by friendsofed. (Links from this site.) Dont worry so much about their basic>intermediate>advanced bits. I found New Masters of Flash I/II easier to grasp than the studio series.

If you get stuck on technical stuff, come back here.

Don't become infatuated with the media. Flash is only a tool. Do what you want, not what you know how to do. Then completely by accident, just messing around in your bedroom you'll have done something unique to you, that no one else thought of.

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Default Totally agree here !

It depends on what u want. U may want some stuff that doesn't requere a lot of scripting at all. But if u want to check out what Flash can do for u, its best to figure out what u want, then think of a way how u could do this and then read up on the appr. tutorial(s). At least thats what I think works best. Learn what u need instead of learn what u may need. No one else but u can decide this for u.

Also, how familiar r u with scripting in general ? If ur like me (no previous scripting experience at all) walking through the tutorials is a great way of getting to know Actionscript.

I usually find books ... not interactive enough. Things r much clearer when u actually SEE what they talk about, instead of getting a description of what its supposed to look like.
Link ?
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