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Default Tree Component within Accordion Component

I have dragged an instance of the Accordion component onto my movie, now I would like to programmatically (i.e. with actionscript) create a Tree component inside of the Accordion sections. Below is the code I am using, but it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions?

ActionScript Code:
CategoryHeader = Accordion.createChild("CategoryContainer", "CategoryHeader", {label: 'SomeName'}); CategoryMC = CategoryHeader.createEmptyMovieClip("CategoryMC", 10); var MyTree = CategoryMC.createClassObject(mx.controls.Tree,"MyTree",5); // Create an XML object var myTreeDP:XML = new XML(); // Create node values var myNode0:XMLNode = myTreeDP.createElement("node");     myNode0.attributes.label = "Local Folders";     myNode0.attributes.data = 0; var myNode1:XMLNode = myTreeDP.createElement("node");     myNode1.attributes.label = "Inbox";     myNode1.attributes.data = 1; var myNode2:XMLNode = myTreeDP.createElement("node");     myNode2.attributes.label = "Outbox";     myNode2.attributes.data = 2; var myNode3:XMLNode = myTreeDP.createElement("node");     myNode3.attributes.label = "Sent Items";     myNode3.attributes.data = 3; var myNode4:XMLNode = myTreeDP.createElement("node");     myNode4.attributes.label = "Deleted Items";     myNode4.attributes.data = 4;     // Assign nodes to the hierarchy in the XML tree myTreeDP.appendChild(myNode0); myTreeDP.firstChild.appendChild(myNode1); myTreeDP.firstChild.appendChild(myNode2); myTreeDP.firstChild.appendChild(myNode3); myTreeDP.firstChild.appendChild(myNode4); // Assign the myTreeDP data source to the Tree component myTree.dataProvider = myTreeDP;

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Default any Luck

I am trying to do the same did you have any luck with this?
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Smile Check your syntax

I think your syntax for createChild is incorrect. Here's an example with nothing on the stage and a tree and an accordian in the library:

import mx.managers.DepthManager;
import mx.controls.Tree;
import mx.containers.Accordion;

var _folder_tree:Tree;
var _interface_acc:Accordion;

_interface_acc = this.createClassChildAtDepth(Accordion, DepthManager.kTop, {_name:"interface_acc"});
_folder_tree = Tree(_interface_acc.createChild(Tree,"folder_tree", {label:"All Documents"}));

_folder_tree.setDataProvider("<folder label=\"Stuff\"><file data=\"Stuff\" label=\"Stuff\" /><file data=\"Stuff\" label=\"Stuff\" /><file data=\"Stuff\" label=\"Stuff\" /><file data=\"Stuff\" label=\"Stuff\" /><file data=\"Stuff\" label=\"Stuff\" /></folder><folder label=\"Stuff\"><file data=\"Stuff\" label=\"Stuff\" /><file data=\"Stuff\" label=\"Stuff\" /></folder>");

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