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Default weird dual monitor bug

I use dual monitors and have for a while now. In flash mx2004 i was able to put all my panels on the right side monitor and have everything on the left, only thing thta was messed up was if i put the timeline on the right monitor it didnt show up when i reloaded flash but it was ok i just pressed ctrl+alt+t and it showed up in its rightful place.

now in flash 8 i set it up the same way and ironically the timeline is the only thing that shows up where it should (on the right monitor) while everything else loads up on the left monitor and i have to move it everytime i open flash. anyone have this happen to them or know a remedy for it? thanks.
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Apparently this happens to a lot of people, myself included. No fix for it yet
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I don't seem to have the same problem - what about if you save your panel set and reload it?
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having the same problem. i had my main 21" [widescreen] monitor next to a small 19" screen [square] and it worked fine.

now i got 2 21" widescreen monitors and i turned the 2nd monitor so its taller then wide [1050x1680]. now flash 8 won't put my panels over there [even if i save the setup and select it].

does it have to do with something the nvidia drivers turning my images 90 degrees? of that fact some of the screen is in negative space [my screen layout in windows makes a "T" shape instead of a "L" shape?
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