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Default Accessing objects within dynamically added objects

Hi gang,

Here's what I need to do: I add an object to the stage via AS. This object has a dynamic text field in it called txt1. Now, as I add the object on the main MC, I also want to set the text for that textfield (txt1) inside. Now, this text is from an array, so I can't just set a var in the textfield itself becuase I am adding multiple instances of this one dynamic object.

I hope that wasn't too confusing. Here's some code:
ActionScript Code:
stop(); vars = new LoadVars(); vars.action = "events"; vars.sendAndLoad(_root.url + _root.directory + _root.file, vars, "post"); vars.onLoad = function() {     eventID = vars.eID.split("|");     eventName = vars.eN.split("|");     eventDate = vars.eD.split("|");     eventFlyer = vars.eF.split("|");     eventCount = eventID.length - 1;         addEventButtons(); } function addEventButtons() {     yPos = -214;         for (i = 0; i < eventCount; i++) {         this.attachMovie("evList", "e" + i, i);         this["e" + i]._x = -349;         this["e" + i]._y = yPos;         this["e" + i].txt1.text = eventDate[i] + "\n" + eventName[i];         yPos += 60;     } }

I hope this is clear, thanks guys
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not working
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this should work, il there is really a textfield name txt1 inside evList, and if you embedded the fonts...
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The only thing that might be wierd about this, is that the evList object is a button object. However, this really shouldn't matter.
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